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encounter of the 6th kind

Posted on: August 18, 2010

I have been reading Cindy’s blog for a long time, long long ago.  (I don’t know how I ended up at her blog.  Did I get there from the X-GF’s blog?  X-GF’s blog used to be really hot and steamy, full of intrigues and drama.  And then she became the fiance.  And now I think she’s the wife.  Many blogdeaths happened when bloggers got happy – they stopped writing.  Anyway).  Cindy has been a constant blogger, in sickness and in health, in sadness and in marital bliss.  And Cindy meets interesting people and blogs about them.  One of them is Rebecca, a psychic in Los Angeles metropolitan area.  Better yet, Cindy met Rebecca free of charge because Rebecca holds these informal gathering/group reading things somewhere in Seal Beach, CA.  Cindy went to those meetings with various friends of hers and came back with reports for her blog.  And I read them, thinking, I’ve gotta get myself to Seal Beach the next time I’m in L.A..  Then I thought of my singularly single sister An, and I thought, I’ve gotta get An to this psychic.  Then I added Juk to my company, gotta get Juk there…

And then, bam.  Son got me some sour grapes.  And I felt like I don’t want to wait anymore, time to get some help.  If you know me, you know I’m not shy about asking for help.  I tried getting help from everyone and everywhere this past year, but still I did not get what I needed.  And things just got worse.  So, before the anxiety attacks come back (I have only had anxiety attack once – when Son didn’t match in 2008) I said to Son, I’m paying a psychic.  Son said sure, go for it.  Are you still reading?  My intros tend to be really long, but this entry is about to get interesting.

I asked Cindy for Rebecca’s contact information, then sent off an email asking for an appointment.  R confirmed with me that she can do phone readings, and we got a date and a time down.  I sent in my payment through paypal ($75 for 30 min) using her website the day before our appointment.  Then I called her at the appointed time.  R greeted me warmly and asked me if I had any questions.  Thanks to Cindy, who explained quite a bit about how R does her reading, I didn’t need much instructions.  R proceeded to say a brief prayer, and took less than 1 minute to clear her mind (yes, just like in the movies).  Then R asked me what my first question is.  I said, it’s about my husband’s career, I need to know what to do for him and whether I’m doing the right thing for him with the kind of guidance I’m providing (the greetings were really brief, I didn’t say how old I am or anything at all, R just knew I have a baby because May was babbling on my knees).  R asked what is my husband’s name before she proceeded, then immediately said,

“this seems to affect you a lot, I’m seeing a lot of tears for you” (true).

“I’m seeing a lot of frustrations, just a lot and a lot of frustrations from this person.  He used to do something he liked but recently he is no longer doing that – did your husband just changed his job recently?”

“the impression I’m getting is that he did this new work because he thought it was something he should do, something that’s good for him, something people said he should do, but now he’s not liking it…”

(at this point, I thought, hmm…  I thought Son went into medicine because he loves it, no one pushed him there…? What does she mean? – it just occurred to me right now – today – that her impression could be correct – Son actually just took over a new position at the hospital, and the frustrations and angst that came out of Son these past few months are all because he assumed responsibilities of a chief resident.  He hated small town workplace politics and bs, but he accepted the position because he thought it would benefit him in the long run).

“I’m seeing right now, where he is, a lot of … his works has something to do with businesses…. papers… I see machineries… is your husband a mechanic or an engineer of some sort ?”

I said Son is a doctor doing his residency. R asked if Son is currently in the hospital?  I confirmed (at the time of our phone call, Son was in his Journal club meeting, probably that’s why she didn’t see him in a typical hospital setting.  He was probably in the library or conference room – I should check with Son). R asked for the name of the hospital.  Then said what she could feel that Son is in a very rigid environment, he’s not allowed to do what he wants to do, and he’s fighting against it, and then she sees a lot of frustrations again, so that’s where his frustrations are coming from.  Then she said,

“But… I see him leaving this place! Soon!” (she sounded surprised and confused.  I thought oh crap, don’t tell me we have to move so soon! ARGH) “Is his residency ending soon?”

Nuh uh, I don’t think so, he’s not due to graduate until next June! But he’s leaving in a few weeks for a different hospital to test the waters.

“Oh I see” (R sounded relieved).  She asked for the name of the hospital where Son’s going to. A brief pause, then she said, “This new place is going to be very good for him.  He will be much happier there.  The energy of this new place is very different from where he is now.  I get a very rigid energy from the people where Son is now, but the new place – they are much more laid back and relaxed.  The energy is just… very different.  He is much happier there.”

Ah, well.  I hope so.  What should I do about his frustrations and his anger? Is pushing him to meditate the way to go?

At this point R didn’t say she sees something or another, I think she launched into counselling mode and said, ultimately, that Son should be doing the forms in addition to the chi-gung. R also said, “I’m seeing him only relaxing when he feels you don’t need him to help you.”  I asked again about his frustrations at work, if there is something I can do to help him move along.  R took a bit of time to “ask,” then said “I’m getting a message of detachment repeatedly, just detachment detachment… he’ll have to learn to detach himself from situations at his work.”

Will things get worse?

“no… it’ll get better.  He’s learned his lesson.  He knows it.  And when he sees this again in the future, he will be much better off.”

“Can you ask about the person who’s giving S a really hard time, will he give S any more problems?”

R asked for this person’s first name.  Then she said,

“This person is insecure.  He feels threatened by your husband.  He’s a bit afraid of your husband even…. Whatever happened in the past, someone has already stepped in on your husband’s behalf.  Someone intervened.  This someone has already set this person straight.”

Nice.  intervention is true, Son told me. Set straight ?  very probable, I just learned this bit from R.

What ? Bored already? You thought I was going to ask about Lottery numbers and how many half siblings I have?? Get real! I only paid for 30 mins!

The next part is the juiciest bit, except I’ve decided not to say anything about it now.  It just doesn’t feel like the right time for it is now.  Sorry! Son said that’s fine with him.

We still had 10 minutes to spare, so I asked about my mom.  I gave her Mom’s name, and R said,

“your mom has had a hard life, a lot of sadness.  She has not been asking for your help, but she needs your help now.  She finds the world a very frightening place for her, she doesn’t feel safe”

ah, yes, Mom has come down with pretty bad anxiety lately.

“She’s happy around the baby, I can see that she loves the baby, and I see her smiling a lot”

Nice, My mom just visited us last week and was very charmed by May.  I felt like I got my answer, because I had asked my mom to come back in Sept and was wondering if it’s as good of a suggestion ass I believe it to be.  R also suggested that I talk to my mom’s priest and get him to talk to her 1-1.

Next I asked about Trang, my friend. Well, Trang said it was pretty accurate, and the prediction about her chances made her feel hopeful.

Then I asked about An’s love life.  First R started laughing and said “your sister is very funny, she cracks me up”

“Will she finds a girlfriend any time soon?”

“Well, your sister is also very peculiar and also picky about whom she wants to be with.” true

“The person is already there, in her life – well, on this plane where I see things, there is no time like we know it, so I can’t say for sure, but this person feels very close to her, so if she hasn’t met this person and befriended with this person already, she might have seen this person around or this person is about to enter her life very soon.  They are just very very close to each other in terms of their energies…  But it will come to her as a total surprise.  They will see each other for awhile, and then this person will suddenly come out of the blue and confess, and your sister will be shocked.  This will probably all happen by the holidays of this year.”

And this is a woman right? not a man right?

“Yes, a woman.”

You hear that An?  Oh well now An will be suspicious of every girl she sees.  I told An that in order for this prediction to work, perhaps we should cross out all the attractive girls and suspect all the unattractive ones heh heh heh.

Sorry Juk, I didn’t get to you, probably because you don’t talk to me daily and hardly update your blog!!  But I promise next time when I have another encounter, I will ask for you!  Or you can go to Seal Beach yourself, wink wink.  It’s free!

There you have it.  $75 for a feeling of … free from worries.  And a better night’s sleep.  And hope for An, to boot!


4 Responses to "encounter of the 6th kind"

An, it has got to be that girl that’s annoyed you so much! you know, bao nhieu truong hop truoc khi ng` ta yeu nhau, ghet nhau te^. lo^., sau do yeu bu`

That was pretty flippin’ awesome. I’m glad Rebecca helped resolve some knots for you and your loved ones. I’ll see her tomorrow, and make sure to thank her for you. If you ever ARE in the area, really, you need to stop in when she’s there! She sends some sort of happy-happy-joy-joy prayer or vibes or something out there for us, and Anny (you may have read her blog; she also found me thru x-gf) says she always feels very zen when she leaves there.

On a separate issue, I didn’t know you were that loyal of a reader! I’ve blogged a lot less because I’ve thought, “Really, who actually reads this?” But you just made me feel SOOO much better. Thank you for that.

Hi Cindy

I’ve been a lurker on your blog for a long time. Your entries have always been fun/interesting to read,Your blog hasn’t changed theme/background as far as I can remember 🙂

You’re right, I’ve never changed the appearance of the blog. Mostly because I don’t know how. Haha!

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