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dr. apt today

Posted on: August 20, 2010

at May’s 15 month check up, she was feverish, so they sent her home with instructions to bring her back in 2 weeks. For her booster shots. Today we came in, and the doctor found May in a very happy chirpy mood. That didn’t last too long. Poor babe cried tearfully and pitifully as 3 needles were jabbed into her arms. Seriously, medicine continues to be so barbaric. I’m happy that they don’t put leaches on her, but that doesn’t mean I like the needles. I think in this day and age, there is an alternative to all these pains if only we want it badly enough, but the men of science are a Sadistic bunch.

How do your babies cry when they get the shots? May just bursts into tears but endures the inevitable. Her attitude was quite interesting to watch. She doesn’t struggle much to fight the pains. Her cries carry the notes of surprise and some disbelief. This babe might carry my genes of denial. Some kids just remember the drills and would fight as soon as they enter the doctor office, or whimper when they see the same person who has jabbed needles into them the last 3-4 times. Not May. I’m not sure if she remembers her doctor. She was even smiling and chirruping right up to the moment the needles got into her arms. She didn’t even flinch when she saw the needles. And then, kisses and hugs got those tears under control right away. Until I asked her “The shots hurt you a but huh” and May bursted into tears again for a few seconds. Heh heh. I just think we might as well talk about it, acknowledge it, and move on, that’s why I reminded her of the pain while I was nursing her afterward.

May gained 1 pound since her last check up at 15 months. I think she must have lost some weight right before the check up due to her illness and poor appetite, and then gained it back the last 3 weeks. She weighed in at 21 lbs 9 oz this afternoon. And then she shed the 9 oz while waiting for the doctor if you know what I mean 😉

I have been such a slacker with May’s playgroup activities lately. Her late bedtime was wonderful for my night owl schedule. Sleeping until 10am each morning had been great. But I’ve got to get back to an earlier bedtime because May needs the company of other children and adults, especially with Son leaving next month.

Let’s do a brief word count for May while I’m at it:
ngủ, ngon, nữa, bàn, ghế, [máy]bay, chim, gà, mắm(mèo), whoof(chó), ngựa, thỏ, nho, dâu, cheese, kem, [dưa]hấu, thịt, canh, cơm, nhà, nằm, lên, xuống, đưa, đi, mở, ra, cửa, [cà]chua, trăng, mẹ, ba, bà, bye bye, ông, bạn, mận, cam, cạp cạp, chee[rio], ạ, chân, quần, vớ, giày, hoa, bọ, May, hình, kính, mắt, mũi, mồm, lông, banh, xe, voom voom, tắm, bah[bubbles], [bong]bóng, có, dạ, [cám]ơn, tắt, cá, đèn, hà hà (nước), sữa, tuột, ăn, cầm, nhạc, [xà]bông, lá, chơi, chắm chắm [đọc sách], ti, bú, ôm, bồng, tã, áo, gấu, nhai, ị, dơ, mũ, đá, đẹp, yêu, thương, nhớ, [con]sâu, chuối, bánh, phone, a-lô, giấy, [chìa]khoá…

I’m impressed by this list because it still feels like I spend my days with “ah ah” sufficing most communication attempts.

edited to add: lỗ, rốn, mát, nóng, hồ, ho, cừu, á á (khỉ), rau, ngồi, thìa, oá (hết), [ca]sĩ, quạt, [a]c, cắt,tóc, bướm, ha’t


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your doc is chiu choi eh. mine reluctant to put shots in arms until 3yo. u could have taped her getting the shots ;))

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