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“ah ah, nu’a nu’a “

Posted on: August 24, 2010

that’s what I heard tonight, and I thought my ears were deceiving me.

May had a fun day this morning at the riverside, but her lunch, consisted of peanut butter & jelly sandwich pieces, fruits pieces, raisins, grape tomatoes, and cheerios, were mostly ignored. She ate tons of her sandwich, only to spat them back out in masticated wads. I think she’s a soup babe. At least I managed to pluck her out of her carseat and transferred her into bed successfully, where we both blissfully napped for 2 hours.

Although May nursed throughout the nap, she was pretty hungry by 6pm, and as we walked through the grocery store, everything was fare game to her “ah ah!” (a(n, eat). I gave her some snacks while I prepared her dinner. I made about 1.5 cups of rice + pork ribs and tofu soup. Fed that to her without any problem. Then I thought, she’s got to be full with that much food, right? Wrong. She started pointing at her bowl and asked for more. I asked her what she wanted more of. She said “rice.” So I made a bit more rice with canh bi’ ddao (winter melon soup) to give her some extra veggies. She ate that too. Then onto 1/4 of a yellow kiwi and a grape.

We’ve moved from last week’s canh mo^`ng to+i to canh su+o+`n heo + tofu+garlic chives+tomato. I eat all the garlic chives leaving only a few for May, added a dash of minced cilantro leaves, black pepper, and then mix cooked basmati rice in there. Basmati rice can soften up in soups without turning the broth murky. Tonight I made canh bi’ ddao (winter melon) cooked in some spare ribs broth. May eats rice for a few meals then we do chicken pho and beef pho in between. Tomorrow I’m going to cook the butternut squash and serve a few spoonfuls of it to her this week. May has been much more receptive to fruits lately. She has been good with eating bananas, peaches, grapes, kiwis, apple, and tomatoes. Currently her meals go something like this:

nurse before waking up for the day
eat breakfast of whole milk + cheerios
lunch around 1pm – 1 cup of entree plus a few pieces of fruits
nurse to sleep
snack offered around 5pm, typically some yogurt or soft cheese or some icecream or some fruits or a pocky stick or some gold fish crackers or whatever crap I’m snacking on. Sometimes she just nurses.
dinner around 7pm – 1-1.5 cups of entree plus some fruits
nurse to sleep
nurse a few more times at night.

I thin

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2 Responses to "“ah ah, nu’a nu’a “"

wow..if only I have the time to cook all these food. actually I don’t mind cooking the food for pp but thet only feed him 3 times at school and sometime he skips lunches. They don’t have a microwave so I have to use the thermos to keep his food warm. they also ask me to make finger food so he can do self feeding, that means no soup with broth for lunch. I have headaches making his food plans.

use the young tender chicken to make finger food for him… lam thit nuong meatball kieu vn cung de for finger food… boiled carrots, cauliflowers, mushy riceballs with tiny piece of tofu kho chu+ng tuong in the center…

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