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Posted on: August 25, 2010

but I can’t remember shit now. What the hell.

May is really working hard on learning words now. She’s repeating after me all day long, and although I don’t know how she does it because I don’t see her correcting herself, her pronunciation really improves by day. She can say tuo^.t or bu+o+’m pretty well now, and her “phone” is getting better and better. Sometimes I only remember mentioning an item only once, but a few days later she would name that item correctly. This afternoon she pointed at the hammer and said “bu’a” very clearly.

“ah mama” is May’s complain now when she’s afraid. In a dark and crowded room – ah mama; up high and can’t get down – ah mama; up on the swing – ah mama; and today, sitting on top of the slide – ah mama – to my surprise. May used to love the slide. She has one at home. But the babe must have developed depth perception, coupled with quite a few falls and bumps, so today she was clearly much more guarded when she was on top of the play structure. She was pretty reluctant to explore, and preferred clinging onto me instead. I taught her to go down the slide on her tummy, legs first, and that took all the fears away, as she looks up instead of down at the ground. I think with the weather getting cooler, I’ll take her to the playground more often so she can reacquaint herself to the play structure and feel more confident.

And the babe has learnt to give me the jelly legs when she doesn’t want to go where I pull her. Gah. She wanted to stay and play some more this evening, but we had to head home because it was getting late. I first started walking away from her, but she looked, smiled, and ran into the opposite direction. So I hid behind a pole and waited. May looked around, didn’t see me, and started walking very fast towards where she last saw me. I was getting what I wanted, but the serious, concentrated look on her face cut to me. I couldn’t stand it, even for a moment, leaving her to think that she is alone. So I popped out and May immediately ran away from me. ARGH. I had to carry her away from the playground – she didn’t protest – yet – and when I dropped her to the ground again, she started to run off on her own. But thanks god that didn’t last. I found something fun for her to do briefly, and then we play the game “step on the leaves” where I pointed out things on the ground for her to step on, and then she pointed at other things on the ground that she wanted to step on and I encouraged her, and as long as these things on the ground are in the direction of our destination, all’s well. The rest of the way home, May held onto my hands and walked compliantly. I think in a few weeks, when it’s time to go apple picking, May will have lots of fun.

Other things we did while out today: stripping barks from trees, picking up acorn nuts, blowing on dandelions, looking at 2 ladybugs mounting on top of each other…

A huge appetite came home with us, and then sleep sweetly overcame May at 9:30pm.

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