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fever continues

Posted on: August 28, 2010

day 2 of ugly fever series. Ugly probably because I’m sleep deprived and cranky. The nurse thinks it’s reaction to vaccines given last week. The doc thinks it’s something viral. I initially thought it was vac. reaction, then I thought teething, then last night, when really really tired, I thought maybe West Nile ’cause she got 2 mosquito bites and I actually dragged my sorry sleep deprived ass up to open the netbook and looked up West Nile virus symptoms. And then I looked up “fever in infants” and “common toddler illnesses with fever” and for some reason, some song kept on coming up in the top hits.

Met up with ex-boss Carla this morning for brunch. May found sweet repose at sunrise, so she slept in until 10:45. Brunch date was set at 11:30. If it wasn’t for my nudging, I think she would have slept on, albeit fitfully, until noon. I thought I had a point when I started writing this. But my brain is shot, I can’t remember jack, once again. At least I cooked tonight. Made delicious xi’u ma.i because it occurred to me that May might like that dish. She did. She ate her dinner like a champ. I did not thicken the sauce and made it relatively less salty so that I can use it to soften the rice for May. I made it fairly simple: ground pork (with some fat) + minced jicama + minced onion + minced garlic + fish sauce + sugar + black pepper + black sesame oil left to marinate for a while, then in a large skillet, heat oil, toss in tons of fresh vine ripened tomato wedges, garlic, rock sugar, fish sauce, add some water, bring to full boil, ball up the meat and toss into pan. Make sure the liquid fully cover the meatballs. Let simmer for an hour. Serve with fresh cilantro and pepper. Yum. The meat will remain very soft and fluffy. I didn’t bother squeezing the liquid out of the jicama, but many recipes suggest you should. I still have not cooked the butternut squash for May, that’s on the list of action items for tomorrow. This week May is having xi’u ma.i, canh bi’, mashed butternut squash, soft omelets, and mashed cauliflower (a` la mashed potatoes).

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