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first traffic jam

Posted on: September 3, 2010

Got stuck in a parking lot type of traffic jam on the freeway for the first time in PA. We were going 70mph doing really good, heading for exit 21 so May could have some fun at the playground before sundown. At exit 24, I had a thought “shouldn’t I exit this one?” But ha ha, silly silly, our exit is 21 right? Got our asses stuck just before exit 22. Sudden halt and no movement for a looooooong time. Lots of fire trucks and ambulances. Drivers got out and talked on their phones, pacing back and forth along side of their vehicles. May was getting bored and annoyed with being stuck in a non moving vehicle, poor baby. I had the thought of taking her outside and pace around, too. But that was just a thought. Besides, the people who were outside, they were smoking up a storm. After about 40 minutes of waiting, we got cleared. So no playing for May today. I’ll give her a whole evening tomorrow.

Things are going well at home. I got myself into the mindset of “vacationing.” So we pretend that May and I are the ones travelling. (Except no An to clean up after us). What it means is we are out of the house constantly, only returning briefly to nap, eat, and at night to regroup. We’ll do this until grandparent #1 arrived. Then we stay at home and bond. After grandparent 1 leaves, vacation mode again. Fatty’s behaving well. I’m feeding him canned tuna, just a bit, in the evening. Just to bond, I guess.


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