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Endless summer

Posted on: September 7, 2010

By the number of pictures on May’s “Summer 2010” folder, this summer does seem endless. I have to remind myself that after Labor Day, I will need to retire that folder and start a new one for fall 2010. The days are still warm and hot, but the evenings are cooler, and the nights can get chilly. Son’s mom is here for one week to spend time with May. May took right to grandma with the greatest ease. When grandma first stepped into the car and greeted her, May just quietly stared without saying anything. No emotions. No protests. And then she fell asleep. Then when we got home, May let grandma hold her, and said “a.” to grandma, and 2 hours later, she was lying down on the bed while grandma was rubbing her back.

May has come to understand the comfort of her own turf. At home, she can receive guests without being anxious.

I checked her mouth yesterday and a new tooth has poked through. She is biting me again, so I think the other of the pair is on its way and will cut very soon. New items (of significant nutritional values) May was willing to eat this week includes broccoli, cauliflower, corn and grapes (cut into thin discs). She was receptive to bread last week for one meal, and then was back to rejecting it. But overall, her appetite has been great again.


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