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list for Trang

Posted on: September 8, 2010

stuffs that sm likes:

– xi’u ma.i
Vietnamese meatballs. I got well grounded pork (not particularly lean) mixed with minced jicama, and minced sweet onions in a ratio of 1.5:1:1. Marinate this with a bit of sugar, pepper, fish sauce. Mix well and form into meat balls.
In a large shallow pot, heat up some olive oil, then chop up tons of ripe tomatoes (currently in season – I buy “seconds” tomatoes, meaning the bruised ones from farmer market for really cheap prices but are great for cooking sauces) and toss them into the oil. Cook for a few minutes then add a dash of my favorite japanese seasoned vinegar, a dash of fish sauce, sugar, some smashed whole cloves of garlic. You want to aim for flavorful but not salty. add about 2 cups of water or broth, bring to boil and simmer meatballs in there. I don’t thicken the sauce because i use it to soften the rice for May. When served, I minced up cilantro leaves and add pepper. Pull out tomato skins.

– bu’n rie^u
I make rie^u by blending fresh shrimp with soft tofu, onions, and 1 egg. I add a bit of fish sauce and pepper and some water to give it a slightly slushy consistency (to keep the rie^u moist and soft once cooked). I use the rice macaroni instead of vermicelli. Cook it well and then chop it up before serving it. If PP is not allergic to it, add a squeeze of lemon for vitamin C. Served with minced onion, cilantro, lettuce (all blanched in hot broth). I usually boil some cauliflower florets in water until soft, then add the water into the bu’n rie^u broth. I serve the cauliflower as finger food during the meal to satisfy the vegetable component. Cauliflower goes well with this dish.

Mashed cauliflower/potato: If you can’t use whole milk for pp, use Pho broth (unseasoned, which means just nuoc ham xuong bo co marrow, don’t skim out all of the fat). Cook cup up potato and cauliflower in 1:1 ratio in this broth until soft (about 15-20 min), then add a dash of salt and puree. You want to add potato because pp needs the extra calorie from the starch. If PP can take dairy, add butter and use milk to adjust the creamy consistency.

pho ga (chop up the noodles before ladling broth over, serve with finely minced up herbs and onion). cut up chicken and serve separately as finger food.

pho bo (mince the beef)

vegetable soup with saussage:
olive oil, add minced leeks and saute over medium heat. Add chopped up italian sausages. Add chopped up celery to saute (it will smell very yummy). Next, pour in
chicken or su+o+`n broth + vegetables all cut into bite sized:
broccoli stems (and leaves)
cauliflower stems
broccoli florets

bring to boil, skim foam, simmer for about 1 hour.
Add well minced parsley (italian or regular) and a bit of salt to taste.

Serve with ruo^.t ba’nh mi` pha’p or well cooked pasta. Do not add fish sauce, fish sauce makes this soup taste really funky no matter how little you add. Soup dda.i bo^? na`y can last in the fridge for a long time.

rice with Canh rau mo^`ng to+i:
puree fresh shrimp with water + onions + a bit of salt, pepper, sugar. mince up rau mo^`ng to+i, really chop it up, then cook in water, add shrimp, adjust taste with fish sauce. Ladle over rice and let sit for a bit. The rice will soften further. Mash up the shrimp balls and serve. I use expensive shit shrimps from some ecofriendly farm in Belize… May never has any allergic reaction to the best of my knowledge.

rice with canh bi'(bi’ lo^ng or bi’ ddao) thi.t heo
cook the bi’ well done, ladle over rice add minced cilantro and let sit until luke warm then serve.

rice with canh tofu ca` chua, he.
I cook everything in su+o+`n broth, save some meat for finger food. Most of the cooked he. I eat them myself, only serve canh with rice, tomato, and tofu to May (with cilantro of course, and a squeeze of lemon).

tru+’ng ba’c

4-5 eggs with a dash of fish sauce and pepper. Add a few spoons of either whole milk or chicken/su+o+`n broth. Mix. Cha?o no’ng with oil, toss in chopped up green onions. Turn stove to medium low. Pour in egg mixture. Gently pull in the sides when you see the bottom solidify using a spatula, you just want to pull so uncooked eggs can flow to the bottom of the pan. See demo on Don Ho’s blog if you don’t understand this maneuver. Serve as finger food. If fear allergic reaction, separate the egg whites and only cook the egg yolks for PP.

Hope this helps

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