i know what you mean!


Posted on: September 9, 2010

it begins like this:
i’ll nap this afternoon when she naps; now i’ve got to get up.
then it goes something like this:
Well i’ll just check something online really quick and then nap
then it turns into this:
eeks, where did the last 1 hour go? Now she’ll wake up as soon as I doze off – that’s the worst!
i’ll sleep when she sleeps tonight
then night comes and sleep finds the little one
and I find myself with personal space
where I wallow wallow wallow
and pretty soon, it’s no longer late
it’s early morning time!
does that explain the dark circles permanently etched into the hollows beneath my eyes?

2 Responses to "coda"

có grandma ở đó thì cho grandma babysit vài hours đi ngũ lấy sức lại

sounds like someone you know ;)) needs to add some crankiness when kids are awake due to failure to recharge meself at possible times ;))

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