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the communicator (and the emote, heh heh)

Posted on: September 9, 2010

today, sometime after her nap, May pointed to her feet and said:
– giày (shoes)
then she said
– chân (feet)
then she pointed to the door and said
– chơi (play, shortcut for go play)
then she said
– park

she is combining 2 words to express her understanding of the world:
mũi… mẹ
giày … mẹ
mèo… ăn
bánh … thích
mèo … thích
bọ … thích

stringing words in association with an activity
“mèo, lalala, coi, cá, mèo, nhện, ngựa, cạp cạp” = she wants to watch a series of kid show in a certain order.
“lên, nằm, bye bye, ôm, bú” = she wants to go to sleep
“mèo, ăn, mồm, cắn” = she is watching the cat eating.

she holds out her dirty hands to ask me to clean them.
she opens her mouth and “ah ah” so I can catch whatever food she cannot swallow.
she points to places on her body and says gãi, ngứa.
she understands my tone and obeys when I sound serious
she shows it when her feelings are hurt, but will forgive when I explain that whoever is offending her did not mean it.

This afternoon May woke up from a nice long nap feeling groggy at first. She wanted to nurse, but didn’t want to settle, so she kept on latching on/off, and then rolled around the bed and complained. Grandma heard her and opened the door, greeted her, and invited her to come down stairs. May just sat in my lap and refused to move. Grandma told her “I’m leaving now, ok, you’re not coming so I’m leaving without you ok, bye bye!” Then grandma turned, closed the door, and May immediately bursted into tears. She was angry and hurt, her message was very clear. Grandma opened the door and came right back into the room, May looked at grandma and then turned her back, crying still. Grandma tried to appease her but May refused to let grandma hold her, yet she didn’t want to go to me either. I told her to let grandma hold her ok?
No, she shook her head.
You love grandma, remember?
No, she shook her head, crying even harder.
I was just really laughing at this point because she was so darn cute. I took both of her hands into mine and looked at her in the eyes, stopped laughing and just gently said sweetie, grandma always loves you,
she was going downstairs and you didn’t want to so she left you up here with me, that’s all.
If you want to join her, then join her, see?
She saw that you were upset so she came back, so stop crying, ok ?
Just talk to me, tell me what you want, we’ll take care of you.
Say what you want.
She did stop crying. Then she said, “bồng.” I asked her, “you want grandma to hold you?” Yes. “Grandma will embrace you, pick you up and bring you downstairs with her ok?” Yes. End of dramatic moment. Too funny. I’m still smiling as I type this.


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