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last night

Posted on: September 11, 2010

tonight is the last night I have Son’s mom company. She’s leaving for NY tomorrow in the afternoon, visiting a friend upstate before returning home on Tuesday. May and I will have food galore stored in the fridge for us. All of our laundry got washed and folded. The floors all got swept and moped. The cupboard and cabinets got reorganized. May is super happy and well loved. Every night after May fell asleep, I have been sneaking out of the room and joined her in front of the tv, where we watched PBN dvd’s or movies from Son’s collection. And we chatted and gossiped and laughed together. It’s been relaxing for her as well as for May and I. The weather has been great, mostly in the 80’s and now upper 60’s. We went to May’s playdates, went clothes shopping, grocery shopping, and out for lunch, but for the most part, we just took our time doing everything in a leisurely fashion. I have been telling May about grandma’s impending departure, mostly about how she will leave but her other grandma is on the way, and then after that, we’ll see Nana in October, and be home for a long stretch this holidays. May typically doesn’t feel sad/excited when people come and go. She’s blessed in that respect. We’ll see how she fares tomorrow.


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