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scoopable corn cat litter

Posted on: September 13, 2010

I used to use Feline Pine cat litter, the original type. I gave up after a year of inhaling friggin’ dust from that stuffs.
Then An informed me that they now have Feline Pine scoopable! With the cat box in the basement, it worked for us, except we need to constantly vacuum down there and dust the stuffs off the cat as well.
Then Target sold out this brand today, but right next to it, I saw a new Arm & Hammer variety: scoopable corn litter. The stuffs An told me that’s most environmentally friendly years ago and we were rolling our eyes saying where the hell will we get that, and why is corn being used to soak up cat poop instead of being fed to the poor.
I have not started on this new litter yet, but it’s sitting in the trunk of our car. Will report its performance within 5 days.


May is now enjoying running around in department store, hiding among clothes. So if I go shopping, I either go with someone else, or just follow her around and not shop at all, because that tiny body of hers can blend in with Fall 2010 fashion so well. The bad news for May is, some of the stores like Target and Kohls, they have a lot of lower tiered clothes racks, and May has 3 bumps on her forehead to show for that. Macy’s and Bon Ton are best for her right now. I think Ross will work too…


2 Responses to "scoopable corn cat litter"

Arm & Hammer’s other scoopable varieties are REALLY good! They form solid chunks and are pretty odor-free. I hope the corn one (which I’ve never heard of till now) works for you! Dusty cats aren’t cool. 🙂

I was a faithful user of A&H scoopable for years in CA. I only switched to Feline Pine for 1 cat because he was having issues. When SM was born, I switched litter because I was afraid that she might inhale for find the stray clay bits and put that in her mouth. Supposedly these biodegradable ones are less toxic for the lungs. But I agree, A&H served us so well in the past- as long as it is unscented.

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