i know what you mean!

i wish i could make them all love you

Posted on: September 16, 2010

i wish i could make them all love you
and hang marvelled on every little adorable thing you say
charmed by the curves of your rosebud lips
but never in a perverted sensual way-

i wish i could hang onto the innocence of every single man
aged, suspicious looking, respectable, polite
who stops to commend me for a child so delightful and bright
i wish my sincerity could outweigh the wary
the fears and doubts are many

– i wish i could not take offence
to wrongs may or may not have been made
i wish i could hang onto the belief
that the glory of this world truly shines
in the tiny being that is yours
and the wise men have truly travelled far
to pause and truly understand what makes you so loved.

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2 Responses to "i wish i could make them all love you"

hmm … mình cũng lo tùm lum mà chưa bao giờ tùm lum tới vụ này

ha` ha`, mi`nh la` to^? su+ o^m ddo^`m ma`

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