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the return of grandma

Posted on: September 16, 2010

woo hooo, part 3 of the grandma installation series for the year, kachink. Grandma Innie just left on Tuesday from NY at 4pm, Grandma and Grandpa Outie flew straight in from CA. May is beside herself with contentment. She took to the grandparents right away, and have been pulling all of her stuffs out to entertain her guests. Last week most often heard word was “ba`” for grandma. Today she changed gear and marvells at the word “o^ng ” grandpa. That’s a new one isn’t it, babe. She kept on saying “o^ng” to herself and to anyone who’s willing to be equally excited by that idea. She would be following some interesting development in the world of dirt on the floor, and then she suddenly remembers, and looks up around her, asking “o^ng ?” before she finds him and points at him again to confirm his existence, “o^ng !” Never forget to flash that winning 2-tooth grin, soon to be 8.

Grandpa left for DC today to check out the east coast points of interest, but that still leaves grandma, oodles of fun. This grandma is wired differently than the other grandma, May has probably got that figured out. This one pulls out tons of whistles and flags to entertain. This grandma knocks herself out, trying to play with May. The other Innie grandma just sort of hung out and kept her company, this one is her buddy. Now I understand what Chau meant when, 2 years ago, I knocked myself nearly unconscious with the effort to “play” with Nathan. I thought to myself each night of the first week, “oh my god this is hard work, I barely played with him for 5 hours a day and I felt more exhausted than going to work for 10 hours.” Then Chau had to intervene on day 4ish by saying “you don’t have to put on a show like that, I mean, it’s obviously a good thing, but you don’t need to unless you want to.” I was totally clueless and continued to knock myself unconscious the rest of the time. Now I know. Some people are just born the with ability to chill around kids and play along, others don’t know such option exists.

But May rewards all of her loving grandparents handsomely. Just this evening, up from her late nap in the car, she ran from my side into the kitchen, trailing Outie Grandma saying for the first time, “ba` o+iiii.” That was too cute.

The babe has one runny nose though. Sleep had been restless the last 3 nights. Tonight she is good so far, but snoring loudly courtesy of that nose. The only thing I have changed tonight is, unable to find Baby Vicks, I rubbed some Tiger Balm into the inner side of her vest, the outermost layer of her bedtime apparel. That way she catches powerful whiffs of that stuffs, but is not directly in contact with the oilment itself. I don’t know if it’s allergy or teething or cold. There are some swellings at the site of her upper canines. But her runny nose had gotten progressively worse – if it’s teething, wouldn’t it be all the same? No fever. Great appetite. Ah the mystery that is motherhood.

May is beginning to put words together much more frequently this week. I heard her said “ba’nh mi`” once. “Cha^u cha^’u ” and “chuo^`n chuo^`n” are regulars. She also said “a(n co+m” among other things my sleep deprived brain can’t remember. She also said something like “thu+o+ng me. ” about 2x. I must confess I was sort like “aw, cute” and that was it.

I think i’m growing incoherent. Should go to sleep


update: oh my GOD! last night was rough. It WAS allergy. May was so stuffed that she was frustrated and so exhausted by morning time. I ran big ass air filter at full strength in our room for today’s nap and she managed 3 hours of peaceful rest. Still stuffy nose but not so clogged that she could not sleep.


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