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approaching 17 months

Posted on: September 20, 2010

May will turn 17 months on Friday. The grandparents are leaving Monday evening. This trip has been a great success except for the church hiccup and also the fact that grandpa spent 3 days sick in bed. When Son’s mom came here earlier this month, she was also sick for 3 days. Is it my house?? It wasn’t that cold!

May’s nose is still blowing bubbles and producing viscous snots, yuck, but she’s sleeping much better. She is very happy to have extra company. Mom has been very helpful in keeping May entertained while I ran around the house doing my things (cooking, cleaning, chores, etc etc). When I tell her to leaves things to me, she does. When I ask her to do something she does. Great. She has aged so much while I spent my years living away that holding her hands to examine her bulging veins, I was taken back by the sight of old age and frailty. Unlike old people I’m used to being around – Helen, Jim, Les, who are active and more muscular or have more body fat, mom is just your little old Asian lady with skin and bones. She spent the last 2 nights not sleeping a wink. Or maybe she winked for an hour this morning, she said she wasn’t sure. Mom’s system is all messed up, and I can see where my insomnia comes from.

Dad has changed a lot too, like An has said. He has mellowed out considerably – more patient and accommodating with mom, more appreciative and considerate with others (at least to May and me). He’s shown sensitivity to May’s comfort and safety, appreciation for the efforts I’ve put in to make him comfortable at my house, and gives out a lot of compliments when he likes something. He used to have criticisms for many many things I did, the least of all being my driving skills (or the lack thereof). Yet he has witnessed me parallel-parking in the most godawful fashion the last 2 visits here, and not said a thing. He only gave some directions when I asked him for help. Awesome!

So anyways. I’m glad May has had this opportunity to get to know her grand parents. I’m going to start booking for the Holidays soon. With May being older now, we’ll spend more time at my parents’ house when we go back to CA. I’m thinking maybe the beginning of the holiday at my parents’, and the end at Son’s. f


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