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notes on soups of the week for Trang

Posted on: September 20, 2010

Threw a chicken into a big pot today with some sea salt, rock sugar, celery, onions, and a few odds and ends pieces to make chicken broth.

I used some of the broth to make clear vegetable soup with chayote, carrots, broccoli stems*, and a bit of broccoli florets. All I did was simmering everything until tender, then served with chopped cilantro and black pepper. If you don’t know it already, broccoli stems are great in soups for infants. They have much more flavor than the florets, and when cooked, have a nice tender/inoffensive texture. I usually buy organic broccoli which tend to have smaller stems. I peel the outer fibrous layer and discard. Choose smooth, slender stems without knobby trunks. Cauliflower stems can be used in the same manner. I cooked some whole pieces of fresh baby corn and broccoli in this soup and drained to be used as finger food for May. Served with rice macaroni (slightly overcooked). May liked to eat the rice macaroni pieces as finger food, so I just spoonfed her the soup on the side.

In another pot, I made minestrone soup with Parma prosciutto pieces (bought the ends and chopped that up for soup), onion, celery, carrot, baby zucchini, fresh tomatoes, chopped kale, italian parsley, and a sprinkle of Italian herbs (if you have fresh thyme, that would be the best). I simmered everything until very tender, that’s it. Will serve these two soups alternately this week for May. No fish sauce for neither of these soups.

I made bu’n ma(ng vi.t (duck and dried bamboo shoot noodle soup) 2 days ago, and May was able to have some because I stewed the duck by itself and just braised the dried bamboo shoots in a separate pan. I only added the bamboo shoots into the bowl just before serving, so for May, I didn’t give her any bamboo shoots, just the duck broth and duck meats with onions and herbs.


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