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approaching 17 months part 2

Posted on: September 23, 2010

Recently, about 10 days ago, you begin to communicate the emotion of fear in a more complex manner. You typically would run to the (familiar) person nearby, holding onto them tight and push the side of your head up against them as close as you can. Grandma has found this very endearing, because when you do that, you really make us feel like we are the most needed and wanted person in the world, someone who will save you and will make everything alright. You make us feel needed and trusted. If there is no one in the room, but you know someone is in the next room, you would run very fast to the next room, grab onto that person (usually my legs, as I would be cleaning or doing chores) and then complain to them (“Ah ah!”) to let them know you are scared. If there is no one around, and you can’t find or see anyone, then you burst into tears of distress. What scares you these days? Sudden sounds. Loud sounds. Sounds from unknown sources. The washer rumbling down in the basement. The vacuum cleaner running. Crazy toys that would not shut up and would say things like “bye bye!” out of the blue, 5 minutes after you last touched them.

And then, tonight, silence. Sound that didn’t come when expected. There was a thunder storm brewing all afternoon, so I prepared you for it. I warned you of thunder and we talked about it whenever there’s one rumbling. We made joke, we laughed. Whenever I saw the lightning flash, I made sure to be next to you and praise you when you identified the sound as “sa^’m.” After dinner, we were hanging out on the floor when I saw lightning flashed through the window. I said, “here comes thunder,” and we both paused. Except the sound didn’t come, and you listened but heard nothing. So you grabbed on to me really tight and wouldn’t let go. I said, “oh wow, that lightning must have come from far away, we can’t even hear thunder…. or maybe it was a car’s light that I saw.” You still hung on tight. So I held you close and we were like 2 koala bears. I sung songs and patted your back. After 15 minutes, you were falling asleep! NICE. Except I couldn’t let you, because we just had dinner, you were sweaty and had food in your hair. We had a nice bubble bath instead.


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