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baby food recipe: fried rice with beef and apples

Posted on: September 23, 2010

I took this recipe from Wandering Chopsticks, except I made the mistake of cutting the apple pieces too small and then cooking them for too long. So I got soggy apples instead of crunchy pieces. AND THEN, I made another mistake of using old basmati rice that I cooked with extra water for may instead of dry old rice. What I got was soggy rice with soggy apple pieces. The good news? May ate it all up. She typically doesn’t eat apples, except sometimes she would bite raw pieces here and there, then eventually spitting most of them out. She hates apple sauce. When I use apple sauce to make oatmeal, she would eat some and occasionally gag. But apparently the combination of tart/sweet/salty suits her. So she ate quite a bit of apples in the soggy fried rice today. I didn’t really feed her much beef, just a few bits here and there. Over all, I will continue to make this version for May in the future.


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