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insomnia is a bitch

Posted on: September 23, 2010

grrrrrrr…. THANKS MOM! GREAT GENES! Do you know that in physical appearance, I’m pretty much a copy of my dad? Furthermore, I inherit more of his tastes and preferences rather than mom’s. In fact, more kids in our family inherit dad’s traits than mom’s trait. But her propensity for allergies, body aches, and insomnia are all dominant, apparently.

anyways, since I’m up and done browsing all the sites I can possibly think of, no more mula to shop, done looking at May’s photos for the 100th time, I’ll just blog some more about May ha ha.

– May is not a child easy frustrated. She tries a few times, when too tired or cranky, she would briefly whine to express her mild displeasure, then give up.
– May is not a child obsessed with one thing. She generally try to grab things that interest her, but soon move onto something else. She has not been observed to wake up and immediately make a beeline for favorite toy/book. She just kind of haphazardly wanders around and grabs whatever catches her eye, not always the same object. Even most desired objects don’t hold her attention for longer than 10 minutes at a time. She does go through phases with favorites. She used to favor the soothers, pressing the buttons and listening to the music. Then she favored the 4 Sandra Boynton board books that go in a boxset. Then she favored the megablocks briefly. Then the Hungry Caterpillar book.

Recently she has taken an interest in the “Go Fish” game, you know that game where a tray of fish spins around and you use a fishing rod to pick up the fishes… She has learned to actually fish, but with a great amount of concentration and patience. Even so, I can only expect up to 10 minutes of independent playtime before she wanders over and asks me to fish with her. This is probably my trait. How many times I spent my childhood begging An to please play with me, I’ve lost count. My childhood before literacy was lone long chain of boredom only a playmate could cure. An, by contrast, was very content to play alone and find things to keep her occupied for long stretches of time.

But the trait has its own advantages. For one thing, it’s rather easy to dissuade her because she lets go of things without much difficulties. She doesn’t seem to be attached to objects. Maybe it’s too early to tell. Some kids don’t form lovey-attachment until around 2, I’ve heard. But if she continue to be like the present, I claim that trait too. She will also share willingly. She has learnt to share favorite foods. She has also learnt to share/lend favorite objects without much sweat on my part. She’s polite around others because when she sees something that she wants, she doesn’t just go up to them and grab. She usually just looks on, or move in closer to point and say something, but no more than that.

– She’s not fixated on one thing. She wasn’t determined to stand up, or to walk, or to crawl, or to babble. She would practice in a very casual manner, just as long as it pleased her, and then if she didn’t reach her goals, she just gave up and found something else to do. She didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to practice crawling. She didn’t say one word/sound over and over again. She doesn’t ask to see the same video 10x. She would be fine watching the same thing 10x, but could easily move onto the next thing after 1-2 viewings.

for this reason she’s good with changes and can sleep/eat/live in new places. Changes in plans don’t upset her. She is not adamant about 1 food/piece of clothing/toy/routine/etc..


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