i know what you mean!


Posted on: September 27, 2010

idlehouse: 3 days ago, opened door
idlehouse: con nhe^.t tu+` ngoa`i cha.y me. no’ vo^ nha`
idlehouse: me dda.p bi.ch, na’t be’t
thadieu13: oh man, speaking of nhe^.n
idlehouse: today, me pee pee, looked to ba^.u ccu+?A so^?
thadieu13: X was taking moi for a walk around park
idlehouse: 1 con lo^ng la’
idlehouse: LO^NG LA’ dear
thadieu13: BIG ASS f*cking orange nhe^.n
thadieu13: ng` trong va(‘t
idlehouse: it’s smallish, about the size of big fly
idlehouse: but it’s was muscular
thadieu13: ddi’t tro`n xoe 3-D
idlehouse: fucking muscular
idlehouse: me killed that one too
thadieu13: ca(ng damn ma.ng nhe^.n across sidewalk
thadieu13: moi walked right into it, f*cking thing was 1 ngo’n tay from me face
idlehouse: but me take care to do it very quietly
idlehouse: no want to spread hysteria
thadieu13: me was swearing shit this shit that while running
idlehouse: this place has nhe^,n everywhere !!
idlehouse: all sizes and shape
idlehouse: me kiled every single one of them
idlehouse: grrrrrr
idlehouse: meanwhile, mayo is always asking “nhe^.n nhe^.n” as if she’s asking for “meo` me`o”
idlehouse: cuz you know how charming those illustrated itsy bitsy spiders are


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