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this time 2 years ago

Posted on: September 28, 2010

was when I completed my first trimester and graduated from eating like a semi-starved madwoman to eating like a full fledged starved raving mad woman. It was also when I drove home late in the evening thinking “things will be so different this time next year.” Apparently I didn’t see into “next-next year.” I have grown somewhat dull from staying at home. The dullness of my mind shows on this blog. I used to muse about a variety of things and subjects. I thrive on interacting with people – different people -daily. These days I’m all about interacting with 1 person exclusively for days that meld into weeks and pretty soon months fly by so quickly. It’s wonderful and I wouldn’t have it any other way (of course I mean within our financial constrains, because, if otherwise, I’d rather have a nanny, a butler and some maids, that way I can enjoy the full benefit of being at home), but I’m just proving myself right when I predicted that I would have stunt my own growth if I didn’t keep at least 1 job.

Les just wrote today to inform me that his grand aunt, aunt Nell, has passed away last week. She would have turned 106 in less than 2 months. Now that he mentioned it, I remember suddenly thinking of her and her age out of the blue last week, just around the time when she passed. gotta run

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