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the blossoming porcupine

Posted on: October 2, 2010

OK OK I get it. May is right on the schedule in terms of classic textbook child dev timeline. She’s through with 17 months and is approaching 18 months at the end of October. Something big about 18 months, so I’ve read. So the babe did have a verbal explosion this past week. She woke up one day and suddenly acquired the necessary skills to enunciate words that she had previously mispronounced so badly that even Google Translate did not touch. And she also woke up with a vocabulary bank x5, putting words together, trying to form sentences by putting nouns, verbs, and adjectives together. She also woke up one day and decided that it was high time to start getting pissed off. Can’t put as many Qtips into the bottle as wanted? Complain loudly “ARGH!!” and look to mom for validation of feelings. Wanting to watch a video clip on youtube but mom is not mind-reading fast/accurately enough? Burst into angry tears with deep frowns on face while accusing mom of cruelty. Alrighty. You get my drift. Luckily all these things are very brief and she can still be talked through them and out of them. If I get annoyed and snap at her, she will burst into tears and demand to be held and hugged. It’s pretty cute actually. And then there’s a funny business of “u dda^`u” (bump on the head). Original concept was obtained courtesy of Youtube, where she and I watched a bird falling and growing a big bump on his head. I narrated that scene and explained how rubbing and patting makes it all better. So now when she bumps her head, she immediately say “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” and pointing to her crown.

Anyways. Those are the highlights of this period. Oh yeah, and she can make any Freudian happy with her oral preoccupation. She’s all about mouths and holes, :D. Mouths and holes greatly interest her. I think currently mouth is more favored over hole. It’s all about eating, drinking, feeding, chewing. We went to the aquarium and I think the highlight of her adventure was discovering some lettuces pinned to spikes and dropped to the bottom of a huge central reef fish tank. She was glued to that spot, watching fishes coming by to eat the lettuces. If she’s acting up, I simply give her some random animal/things and tell her to feed them to each other. That gives me about 3 minutes of breathing room.

This babe does not like to play alone. It’s all about her doing something and immediately demanding that people around her do it too. Taking turn. Reciprocal. yada yada. I think the babe is pooped out from 3 hours of running up and down the aquarium. Time for me to catch some zz’s too.


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