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fall’s here

Posted on: October 4, 2010

The days are warm but early mornings and evenings are cold. The nights are downright chilly. Last night I was frustrated at not being able to fall asleep even though I was tired. Son got home from his call at around 7:30ish, and that was when I finally drifted off, my last thoughts were “damn my feet are still cold…” Duh. Maybe that was why I couldn’t sleep.

I took out our down comforter today. May goes to bed at night with 2 layers on top, a pair of socks, and a fleece footed pj’s to hold everything in. The temperature is still ideal – 40’s. I like this time of the year, when the trees are turning colors but there is still green in the air. The days seem so much brighter and crisper, without being harsh. The time change is 3 weeks away, 21 evenings to spend before we suddenly crash from afternoon straight into night.

tangent: Apple picking is NOT recommended for my household. I’m up to my ears in apples, trying to eat 2 a day, and now they are all mealy. YUCKY MEALY apples. They are only 9 day old. Yuck. I’m picking asian pears next, if there should be any picking to be done anymore.

Tickets for the Holidays are booked. May and I will kick off our travelling activities with the SF trip at the end of this month, then back to SF again for Thanksgiving, heading on to LA for Xmas and New Year. Just like that, 2010 will soon be over.

May’s excited to have her dad back again this past week. I think my brain is entering shut down mode due to lack of juice at this late hour. I should go recharge.


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