i know what you mean!

oooooh… could it be working…?

Posted on: October 5, 2010

i was reading someone’s story about weaning her toddler (no this post is not about weaning) in which she discusses how she repeats the same message over and over to her toddler at various times during the day about no needing to be nursed back to sleep any more and get her toddler to agree. Well, I got bitten waaay too many times these last 4 days when May is asleep that I started using the same method, just to see if I could get a break.

So today I started telling May that she bit me these past few days and how I know she doesn’t mean to because she was asleep, but it still hurts. Could she please just let go as soon as she’s sleepy ? This was said with lots of hugs and cuddles. At bed time I repeated the same request and May nodded. Just now she suddenly let go shortly after nodding off, and flipped over to sleep. Yippee. I’m just glad I’m not being bitten tonight.


3 Responses to "oooooh… could it be working…?"

they change their mind sometimes too, you know …haha j/k.

and they forget too…so you have to remind them nightly 🙂

Wow, I consider myself lucky about weaning.

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