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york Pho night

Posted on: October 13, 2010

let’s begin at 3am of today, 10/12/10. That was the unholy hour when I was up looking at random shits on Overstock.com (didn’t buy nada, just lookin’ ya know…). May was supposed to have a playdate at 10am. But 11am was when we both got out of bed, and 12:30pm was when we left the house to do our grocery run. 2pm was when we got home after visiting the butcher shop, the farmer’s market, and the local Asian grocery store (I just decided to hit all of them today to save myself the trips later this week). Got home, started simmering the bones, fed May her lunch, had my lunch, washed up, tried to tidy up the house a bit… 3:15pm took May to bed… 3:40pm May slept. Checked the internet, Trang left a message at 3pm saying “I’m on my way, will be there around 4pm.” Eeeeeksss. Had chi. Chi and ma. Ti’m contact Trang to tell her I will leave the door unlocked. May seemed sound asleep, so I snuck away. Went downstairs, unlocked the door, cleaned up a bit, then May woke up, so ran back up.

Son came home at 4pm, locked the damn door and went to sleep. Had to YM An, telling her to call Son on his cell and make him go downstairs to unlock the door. Trang didn’t make it here until around 4:40ish. Poor thing. May woke up at 5:15pm, so we went downstairs and the partying began! Chi. Cap came around 6:15pm, having driven 1.5 hours on backroads to reach us. With their help, I was able to finish prepping dinner. Dinner was finally served around 7pm, with both guests positively starving. Haha, maybe I wanted them that way 🙂 Thanks for emptying your bowls! It made me happy.

May had so much fun because everyone gave her the attention she craves. Poor backwater babe, having no one here to entertain her from day to day except mom and dad. At 8:30ish, everyone got up to leave, each needed to cover quite a distance before they could call it a night. Son and I quickly got May cleaned up and in bed by 9:15, but she flopped around a bit, saying “hi” to Son and made random conversation with me before she finally gave up and fell asleep. Now all’s quiet and I’m downstairs, supposedly cleaning up and exercising, but in reality, I’m eating another bowl of pho and blogging. That’s why my house is such a mess. Oops!

I had so much fun seeing my friends, and I am thankful they were able to meet up with us. Like chi. Tu’ said, internet friends is so great. It seems like wherever we travel now, we have some one to meet, and wherever we are, we’ll get a chance to see others passing by, sooner or later.

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yup, yup, yup agree with your last sentence 🙂

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