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she wears the badge of toddlerhood

Posted on: October 15, 2010

Though the bump on Wednesday night, albeit a really deliciously loud one, didn’t leave a bruise, I think tonight’s might. We were at Target and May fell off the bin she was in, crashing into a stack of totes I placed near by. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, she proceeded to fall off the tricycle shortly later – didn’t know you could fall off a tricyle, oops. That didn’t deter her from wanting to climb right back in/on afterward, though.

Now I know what they mean when they say mothers can tell different cries of their children. When may was a wee babe, I couldn’t tell when she was hungry or had a dirty diaper or bored. I could only tell when she was royally pissed off, physically in acute pain, and in general discontentment with the ways of the world. Now I get more variations. Like the emo-cry she has been sporting recently. It sounds like this “ooohh-woa-woaaaa” – really reminds me of a trombone on mute. She does that when she has gas at night too. And then there’s a “aaah!” short cry when she’s scared. And then there’s a “WAAAAHHHHHHHH” cry when she is hurt physically. When she is hurt emotionally, she has a different cry that I can’t quite recall at this moment, since, you know, I don’t hurt her emotionally that often… Oh yeah, and she fell off the chair this morning too – 3 falls in one day!

I really wanted to kick myself the past week for not snatching up the FP Doodle Pro boards when they were on clearance for less than 8 bucks at Bon-Ton this summer. It was 70% off and there were tons to choose from. Yet I was all, “well, we really shouldn’t be buying any more things…” Aw fuck me. Now had to spend $12 buying a lower end FP Doodle Classic for May because she’s into drawing. DUH. TSK TSK. I’m just ooozing with inexperience. We were at Toys R Us playing with all of their toys yesterday when I spotted finally something that was priced reasonably – a big Paddington-like bear wearing a peacoat, originally $35, on sale for $5. May was running around hugging all sorts of stuffed animals I gave to her in that aisle, so I came up to her with that bear and said,
“Look, May, look at this bear.”
She looked.
“Do you want to hug it?”
Shook head.
“Would you like to pet it?”
Shook head vehemently.
“Don’t you find it cute?”
Shook head even more vigorously.
She walked away from me. Geez.


3 Responses to "she wears the badge of toddlerhood"

you want any stuff animals? we have some exotic ones ;)) rare and cute…I’m cleaning out the toys.

no, no more, I was just asking her for the heck of it, we have a bunch

Troi, 3 falls in one day…that’s a lot.

CC doesn’t like stuff animals either, she prefer live ones 🙂

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