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hurt feelings

Posted on: October 17, 2010

May has this annoying habit of rubbing my stomach/boob area all over while nursing to sleep. I hate being rubbed like that, and kept on removing her hands to no avail. Tonight, after nth time, I curtly pushed her hands off, and she burst in to tears. Oh the rivers that have flowed past this household since the emergence of emotion this month.

May was crying and asking to nurse at the same time, so I told her to stop crying, and she did. Only to remember her feelings 3 minutes later and resumed with the crying. I was exasperated and wanted to laugh at the same time because she was just too darn cute. Seeing that she was clearly struggling with her hurt feelings and not knowing how to stop feeling hurt, I hugged her and told her that I love her all the same, I was not mad at her, I was just annoyed at being rubbed. That stopped it. This must be the stuffs Chau mentioned last year when K kept on crying at night, heh heh.


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