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aquarium = a can of sardine

Posted on: October 18, 2010

That’s how packed it was on Friday night. I thought having been there once, I would know some of the ins and out. Last time I showed up at 6, got tickets by 6:15 and was admitted immediately. This time we were inline before 6pm, but no tickets until 6:30pm, but for admission time at 7:45pm – what the hell. And then, they sold out for the day a bit later, turning people away. Geez. With 1 hour to kill, a lot of us resorted to packing into Barnes and Noble to hang out until we could enter the Aquarium. Luckily the B&N nearby has a HUGE fish tank, so the kids were excited anyway. Poor Duke was heading North to meet up with us that day, and got stuck in traffic for a while. Donny said he was screaming in the back seat. Meanwhile, May did not nap in our car until we got to the Aquarium. That’s almost 1.5hr in the car with her tossing, turning, moaning, whimpering, babbling… The last time I drove her down, she went straight to sleep within 10 minutes. I could only suspect that Son showing up mid-day got her all wired up and then she couldn’t go to sleep even though she was clearly tired.

Although it was chilly outside, the Aquarium was full of warm bodies moving through, so I had to strip May down to just 1 short sleeve shirt, just like that time. If you ever end up there on a discounted event like us, and you have a toddler who wants to roam, just head straight up until you reach the central reef tank. The winding path down has everything a kid wants to see and less people. It’s also where the AC vent is, too.

Both kids were sort of bewildered by the chaos around them, and when we took them into Borders, there were too many other older kids crowding around that didn’t help encourage the 2 tods to get to know each other. But I expected this anyway. It’s not really a kid’s playdate unless it’s done on familiar ground. But it was still fun to see them together. I’ll have to sort through Son’s pictures later to see if there was one good shot of them. I forgot my camera that day and Son’s phone does not have a flash, so it was hard to take good pictures in the dark.


May and Duke got the chance to meet each other and it was a shy affair for both sides. However, they did hold hands and Duke did give out kisses. May somehow refused to kiss Duke on that day, hh.


1 Response to "aquarium = a can of sardine"

It was great meeting you guys. May is a cutie. Love it when she pointed to the little guy who was crying and said “khoc.”

Here are a few shots of Dao and May:


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