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roasted chestnuts – at last!

Posted on: October 22, 2010

I spent years and good wasted $$ in Berkeley trying to roast the damn chestnuts. Oh geez. I spent hours and hours peeling them and anguish, wondering why they didn’t just crack open like the stall-bought ones. I threw away so many pounds. I was done with them in 2007, or so I thought. Well, today May and I went to the dairy farm to hang out with the calves and right in front of them was a row of chestnut trees, with lots of spindly pricky things on the ground. I started to show May how to avoid getting pricked by the fruit, and then we ended up searching around for nuts and got home with pockets full of them. These are about 1/2 the size of the chestnuts I usually see in stores. I looked them up and it says the American chestnuts are typically smaller. I looked up some instructions for cooking them and ran across a much better set of instructions, which told me one piece of KEY missing info: chestnuts need water in their cooking process. So I boiled them first, then put them on a dishpan, sprinkled plenty of water, and into the toaster oven they went. The result: PERFECT.

So now I know. We might visit the dairy farm again, lol


2 Responses to "roasted chestnuts – at last!"

I love chestnuts! I always boil them.

hooray! chestnuts on the menu this week.
i had at least 3x experienced chestnuts explosions inside the oven followed by cleaning up amid cursing wails.

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