i know what you mean!

back in York

Posted on: November 1, 2010

pics will be uploaded later. Just a few high lights:
tons of biscotti
pate chaud
rau ca?i chua
ba’nh na^.m
ba’nh pastry thi.t ga` prosciutto something something, chu+a mo+? ra coi
nem chua

Ddo’, ma. Ti’m packed cho nhie^u ddo’ ddo^` ddem ve^` York ddo’, ghen chu+a ?? Mi`nh cu~ng nho^`i nhe’t he^’t co+~, checked in 1 luggage, co`n la.i nhe’t he^’t vo^ carseat bag cu?a SM. Lu’c ra kho?i airport no’ no’i carseat co’ arrived, ma` luggage bi. ke.t la.i due to some security reason, se~ to+’i chuye^’n sau. Khuya ro^`i hai vo+. cho^`ng da(‘t con ve^` hi? ha? kha’o nhau ddo+~ pha?i va’c luggage leo le^n shuttle ra economy parking lot, mai no’ ship to+’i ta^.n cu+?a, qua’ dda~.

Dm, ve^` to+’i nha` mo+’i ta’ hoa? la` nem bi. ddu’t trong luggage kia, o^i tro+`i,sao mi`nh kho^ng ddu’t biscotti vo^ bi.ch kia ma` la.i ddu’t nem, hu hu hu. Tho^i thi` tro+`i ddang la.nh teo, hy vo.ng mai nem to+’i va^~n OK. Nem ca^`n no’ng ma`, pha?i kho^ng? So+n tiu nghi?u heh heh heh.

2 Responses to "back in York"

ddi CA ve^` la^`n na`o cu~ng co’ nhie^`u food ddem ve^`, su*o*’ng ba.o

vậy thì mấy miếng nem nó về chưa?

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