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Posted on: November 6, 2010

i don’t know…. dude, I kept on seeing 11:30 on my clock every morning, so our day pretty much begins at noon. I got May to bed before 10 last night, only to hear Son blowing his nose like a trumpet in the bathroom at 7ish. May sat right up and chirped “Ba!!” Took me more than 11 hour to resettle her. Next thing I knew, 11:30. That was the 3rd playdate we missed this morning.

This year’s autumn is not too great in terms of foliage. The weather just went abruptly from hot to cold, so some of the leaves just went from greenish to brown. And then the winds and rain kicked in, so anything that was beautiful ended up on the ground, or enough of them ended up there so that what’s left look scraggly (chi. Chi, kho?i du`ng Vdict, em no’i cho nghe ne`, to+i ta? ha ha ha). I still want to take May to somewhere so she could roll in the leaves without hitting some dog poo. It’s rather rare here, dog poo, because the owners are pretty good at picking up after the dogs, but still… The best place to do this would be the Bontanical Garden up in Hersheys. No pets allowed. Big ass aboreum. I just need to get my acts together. Mao.

I might be wrong about May’s English comprehension when I said “99% Vietnamese, 1% hi, bye bye, oops.” Tonight she was saying – damn WHAT was it that she said? My brain is turning into sand. Will have to get back to this when I remember what she said. Blah

I can’t explain the funk I’m in right now. I yearn for a book and see myself at the library, checking out tons of books and reading them at home into the wee hours. Except I can’t seem to get my ass into the library. I went past the library so many times this week. Gah. Maybe this is what it feels like to be my mom. Missing link.

I found a low sodium hot dog, if anyone cares. It’s called Abeles and Heymann (A&H). They are kosher, so your best bets are at fancy grocery stores or kosher delis. I saw them at Costco before, but they are not there regularly, unless you are in New York or New Jersey. 195mg of sodium per serving is pretty impressive. Oh, and now that I had a chance to look at it, I think tomato juice isn’t such a healthy drink on airplanes. Son and I got a bloody mary mix can last sunday, and when I looked at the label, it said something like 1475mg of sodium per serving. That might have explained my headache.


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