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Posted on: November 9, 2010

will someone put a stop to all the korean boy hairstyles please please please??? It’s bad enough to see all the Vietnamese male singers going from nice clean crew cuts to anime hairsweeps (razor sales must be ragingly high), but mainstream america has definitely picked it up as well. It’s not that I am against long hair in men. God knows I love men with a good haircut regardless of length. It’s just that so many guys out there think that the lots-of-hair-in-the-face look would work for them while it DOES NOT. I’m thinking Quang Le, the Vietnamese singer (This is how he used to wear his hair). Actually, as I went through my stash of PBN dvds’, I came to appreciating some random things like “Oh wow, this singer (Bang Kieu, The Son, Manh Quynh, Don Ho, Tran Thai Hoa, v.v.) knows how to look good by not succuming to the Korean hairdo, kudos for him!”

May stood at the door admiring the view of our autumnal neighborhood this afternoon while providing a running description of what she saw:
– so’c (squirrel)
– xe ! (car)
xe!! ❤ (it's our car)
– o^ng (Mr)
– ba` (ms)
– o^ng (mr)
– ba` (ms)
– ba` ? (ms)
– ba` (ms)

I came out to see what the last part was all about, and saw 2 young teenage boys (our neighbor's son and his friend) standing near our yard, talking.


3 Responses to "ack"

I am laughing out loud reading the ba\ ba\ ba\. can you imagine having a marathon by your house and May standing at the window providing live coverage of all the people passing by?

I miss my May!!!

So funny about the hair do…i think some of them just follow the fad not knowing that the hair style is not suitable for them. Finally someone speaks my mind. 😀

Trời ơi, tui mắc cười wáaaa, cười dzụ bà, bà? BÀAA. Nói chung, teenager thì fải chạy theo hype thôi chớ sao, nếu ko thì ko còn là teenage nữa. Nhưng công nhận hàn cuốc mạnh thiệt, tấn công từ đông sang tây luôn ha.

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