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will we ever make it to playgroup again?

Posted on: November 9, 2010

who’s that kid still partying in my bed after 1 hour of lights out? I hope she gives May back to me soon. I miss the good old suckle suckle snooze snooze pattern. Lately it’s all about going to bed late and waking up just in time to say good afternoon. Smack me on my head for allowing May’s runny nose to return last week, just when the first bout of runny nose was packing up. SMACK. ARGH. This runny nose is a co-culprit.

She’s still eating her cinnamon stick. I gave her one because she kept on putting random things into her mouth. Here, have a cinnamon stick that is actually good for you if you suck on it, or at least will make your breath smell sweet and warm. The babe chewed it to shreds. Spat out the shards, mind you, but her lack of repulsion for this spice is rather encouraging. I used to eat tons of cinnamon as snack when I was in 4th grade, maybe it’s in the genes. May’s also unfrazzled by chili peppers. She saw me eating fresh chilli peppers and she wanted to hold them too. I was telling her that those are “hot,” but I saw it in her eyes that she wanted them still. I thought, what the heck, here, have a taste. Let her sample the tip of my spicy chopstick. She stopped in her track. I had a lump of sugar handy, so I said, eat this. She did. Here, drink some milk too. She did. Still want some chilli pepper ? “Cay cay” (spicy) was all she said. Oh, and tonight, she asked for ma. Ti’m’s nem chua. I gave her 2 bites and she was saying, “more, more, nem, nem.” Son had to quickly pop the last piece into his mouth to help out.

She still has her colors all confused. She’d pause from time to time, picks up a blue toy and says “Blue.” GREAT! BLUE! Then she’d point at her pink sweater and goes, “blue.” No way, pink. Points at the cat next, “blue.” Black. Blue. Black. Blue! Black. BLUE! black. AAAAAAA… BLUE!! It’s black, I swear this cat has always been black. AAAAAA… BLUE-iiiiiiiii… How about we go chase some squirrels? OK? OK??


1 Response to "will we ever make it to playgroup again?"

CC still hasn’t gotten all the colors right too. I point at something and ask her what it is, she said it correctly but when I ask for the color, she pause, thinks for a few seconds then tell me the color but sometimes she gets it wrong…it’s cute to see her thinks or trying to remember before she says it.

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