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18 month wbv

Posted on: November 11, 2010

height = 31.25″ (25-50%)
weight = 22.5 lbs (25-50%)
head circ. = 18″something (25-50%)

only 1 HepA booster shot this time. The good news is the dr. probably got May’s runny nose issue figured out. Heat. In retrospect, it all made sense. May’s first major runny nose bout started last year during our Thanksgiving trip at Helen’s house. She was sneezing for a day, and then runny nose the whole week. Got to Son’s parents’ house and the runny nose pretty much continued for another week, until the weather in OC warmed significantly that the heater was turned off. In mid Dec. when we moved into An’s friend’s apartment in Pasadena, May’s nose cleared up and remained cleared because I never turned the heater on.

This year the exact same thing began. May sneezed within a few days we got to CA, heater on everywhere. When we got back to PA, I kept the heater off and her nose was clearing nicely for a few days until she was outside in the cold. When it started running again, I turned the heater on thinking she was cold. The good doctor brought me to my senses today, and I kept the heater off. May’s nose is finally clear tonight! Yippee. Now I have to figure out what to do when we get to CA next week. I’ll probably borrow a humidifier or buy one while at Helen’s. We’ll have to buy another one when we get to L.A. as well. I personally really dislike turning the heater on due to the dryness experienced…


2 Responses to "18 month wbv"

so dryness makes her nose run? I never would’ve made the connection. I wonder how the two are related.

the dr said dry air irritates her nose tissues and cause them to produce fluid in an attempt to self- moisturize. Now iKnow why new moms are advised to buy humidifier (assuming they will keep the heater on – i never did so i sold mine)

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