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great playdate today

Posted on: November 14, 2010

The kids met up again. Duke and May hung out for a funtastic day in Longwood Gardens. The weather couldn’t be more perfect! Both parties got stuck in traffic for a bit on the PA-1 stretch due to road construction, but other than that, the day couldn’t be better.

Perhaps due to their developmental leap, or maybe it’s the time of the day, both kids were much more comfortable around each other (actually now that I think of it, they weren’t fearful of being trampled by the crowd, that’s probably why…) and they actually interacted. Well, sort of. Like May asked to kiss Duke out of the blue. And Duke played peak-a-boo to amuse May. And May squished Duke. Oops. Heh heh. But it was all good. I didn’t know you could rent a stroller from the garden, at a pretty decent price too. Donny told me about it and he got one. We strapped both kids in and boy they were so cute. Reminded me so much of sitting on the xi’ch lo^ in VietNam. Actually if we stacked about 4 more kids into that thing, I’d have a deja vu.

The Garden was having their miniture railroad exhibition which got the kids excited. Those trains were fun. And then their indoor children’s garden was so great – they have water fountains galore, but at the same time, blast the heat surrounding the play area, so that when the kids, after splashing around, would inevitably end up running along all the narrow pathways that have heater vents on the floor – that warm them up and kinda help dry their clothes. Thank you, thoughtful staff!

May was happy and in good mood for the entire time even though she didn’t sleep a wink between 9:15am when she first woke up and 4:45pm, when we finally got to our car to head home. Duke was even more amazing: the babe was up since 6am without a nap! That might explains why May was still running around and talking towards the end, while Duke was more subdued.

May slept all the way until I reached our freeway exit, which was more than 1.5hr later. Donny reported that Duke did the same thing. I sent her to bed at 10 tonight, and she is sleeping very soundly. May did something that made me feel so touched on the way home today. She was gumming a grape in her mouth while falling asleep. When I checked the rear view mirror and saw her sleeping, I said softly, “May, le`o nho ra ddi con” (spit that grape out baby) while thinking to myself, I’d probably need to park the car and pry the grape out myself. But May opened her eyes very briefly, pushed the grape out of her mouth, and went right back to sleep. I don’t know. It’s not much, but to me, it means a lot. Especially considering what happened at home next.

She must have learned a ton today, because she came home with a piece of her mind on the tip of her tongue. NO! Hong! Everything was in the negative. Bilingual refusal hee hee.

Many thanks to Donny, Dana, and Duke. Duke is such a sweet, thoughtful child. When I gave him his snack today, he suddenly looked up to me and beamed. It was so unconditional and pure, the expression on his face, that I knew he didn’t do it because I gave him a cookie. He was just dispensing joy to the world. Awesome dude.


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Hahaha, Duke fell asleep in the car before he could finish his grape as well. 🙂 Thanks for coming all the way out to meet us.

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