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a very good day

Posted on: November 16, 2010

May woke up this morning and told me “đói” and “đi chơi” (hungry / go out). I aim to please, so served up a big honking bowl of freshly made phở for brunch. If I can ever get my acts together so that both of us go to sleep at decent hours and wake up around 9ish instead of 10ish, I will continue to serve her a huge warm breakfast, Vietnamese style. I much prefer this to the American version of cereals and milk, or waffles, or eggs, or pancakes. May loves it too, because she at to the very last drop. I normally don’t feed her such a large portion (about 2 cups), but because she kept on eating and saying more when I ask her if she wants to continue or stop, I gave her the whole thing. After that breakfast, I managed to do quite a bit of house chores while May entertained herself. That’s kinda rare around here.

She continued to play by herself (occasionally checking in with me or I join her for a bit) until past noon. I then took her to the dairy farm to buy some milk and chestnuts. We looked at the calves for a bit and shared an ice cream scoop. Headed home where, amazingly, May played by herself again while I ate lunch (I saw her exploring the contents of her toybox for the very first time today, as in, oh hey, there are stuffs in here, let see what they are, as oppose to just waiting for me to take things out for her). I fed her some rice, which she ate and asked for more. Not wanting to stuff her, I stopped after about 5 tbsps. Heated up some warm fresh milk and gave her that instead. We went to bed at 3pm for nap, and May slept until nearly 7pm!

She woke up super content and mellow. I wanted to get dinner started, so I asked her if she would join me downstairs. She said she’d rather sit where she was (on the bed in the guest room) and read her book, so I left her there, telling her to not move and call for me if she needed anything. She didn’t move. I went downstairs to sweep the floor clean, and then came back up to find her still contently sitting in the same spot. I asked her if she would like to come with me now, and she agreed.

I popped May into the big chair downstairs, with her books, and then got dinner started. That’s where Son found May when she come home, except she immediately said, “mẹ, ôm” fearing Son would pick her up before she could express her preference, ha ha. Son played with her while I got dinner started, and she was perfectly content. After dinner, Son was so pooped out so he went to sleep early. I played with May for a bit and then started to clear the table and get the dishes washed. I took out the trash, cleaned cat litter, put food away, etc., etc., all the while with very little interruption from May (of course I interact with her and make sure she feels included, but usually she would just wrap herself around my legs and trip me while demanding to be held).

We made our way upstairs for a nice relaxing bath where May continued to be such a doll. Even afterward, I got her all nicely lotioned up and dressed, fed her a cup of warm milk (didn’t push much solids at the dinner table because she had a yogurt and a snack right before dinner time), May was still content and cooperative. Then it was bedtime where she settled right away and quickly fell asleep. She hasn’t stirred since.

I managed to go downstairs to eat the rest of my dinner and came back up. Is it the milk? Maybe starting the day with a bowl of phở is the way to go?? Thanks god for today!


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