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babe in SJ

Posted on: December 1, 2010

following a 10 day stay in Berkeley, the partying babe headquarter had recently relocated down to the hills of San Jose, a bit secluded and far from the madding crowd. Mostly because the mom-manager figure got a bit tied down with a book called “Angels and Demons” (total IQ fryer and waste of neurons misfiring mad signals to nowhere). It’s crap, I knew it was crap, yet I kept on reading. I should have picked up some Fabio novels instead, at least it would have given me soapy dreams. But things are working out just fine. After all, this house is just a few hundrew square feet short of being 4000sf, with stairs abound and big ass first floor where May could run around and exhaust herself out by bed time. Which she did. And enjoyed.

She just needs to get over this cold. The runny nose turns her into a very loud sound system at night. And in this house, her voice echoes!

Wednesday we go south. May is talking quite a bit this week, saying short sentences like “May o^m ga^’u” “ga^’u chi? chuo^.t.” Last night she tickled herself and laughed out loud.


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