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Posted on: December 5, 2010

All’s well in So Cal except Chau’s house does not have wifi. NO WIFI! Actually there are A LOT of wifi networks but all of them locked. Boo! Blogging will have to resume sometime after next Wednesday, when party of 2 move down to OC to continue partying. May’s in heaven right now. Chau’s house has soooooo many toys and cool things, May is almost getting rusty at the art of wrapping herself around my leg and tripping me. The day we got dropped off at Chau’s, May headed straight for the play kitchen structure and hasn’t turned back since. Most often heard around here is May’s mumbling “na^’u a(n, na^’u a(n ” (cooking, cooking) and “tru+o+.t ca^`u tuo^.t” (going down the slide). There’s a 4′ high slide in the living room, too. Between the kitchen set and the slide, May’s day is very busy. The cousins are keeping her super entertained as well. Katie (2.5T) is learning the ropes of being a good sport and a nice big sister to May. May, in return, is learning the art of self defense, ha ha. Yesterday (day 3 since landing), May learned to tell us when someone has hurt her. The two girls were playing with Katie’s dollhouse, suddenly Chau and I heard an “aH!” from May, and then, “Katie! [finger pointing straight at K’s face] …ddau tay!” [showing me the finger that was hurt]. We asked K and K said she did slide the window into May’s finger. Chau told K to be gentle to May, and May heard gentle, so she started petting K, saying vuo^’t, vuo^’t. It’s kinda interesting that whenever K is rough with her, shoving her around or pushing her out of the way, May responds by petting K gently and saying “vuo^’t vuo^’t.” I’m thinking perhaps it’s May’s way of telling K to be gentle?

Today we went out to the Americano watchamacall mall in Glendale. When Chau asked me where I wanted to go, park or mall, I wasn’t sure what she meant by mall; ended up asking May, do you want to see ducks or water? May said water, so we went to mall. Best oracle ever. All of us were incredibly happy with our choice of destination.
5 story xmas tree with lights and ornaments: check;
bubbles: check
trolly car: check
live xmas brass band: check
bubbles: check
water and light showspectacular: check
santa house: check
treelined pathways with lights galore: check

Seriously, what else could we have asked for. OH yeah, warm weather: check.

Danny is sleeping downstairs where there is only 1 cable connection for internet, so I’m at the stairway with Chau’s laptop typing this. I need to run this machine back to the cable, plug it in, publish this post and high tail upstairs before May stirs. I shouldn’t push my luck.


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