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meek maus

Posted on: December 13, 2010

Mickey Mouse is currently very popular around here.  Who knew the horrendous MM robot that dances and says obnoxious things on display at Target could spark fireworks in a little toddler’s mind, but it did.  So, along with elmo, abby, cookie monster, ernie, MM is now identified.  After a failed attempt at going to the beach (So Cal weather must have been 80 today, seriously hot), we took May to Disney Downtown.

I was briefly in the area many many moons ago, with a cute sweet guy who shares the same bday as May’s.  Except we were on the other side, I think, near the hotel where there was a water pond of some sort.  Ba’c Dang also confessed that the last time he visited the area was 6,7 years ago.  So with not so many clues as to what it would look like now, we drove May to Disney Downtown.  Oh wee, it’s a mall.  Duh.  But whatever.  There were MM everywhere, live music, and, as a bonus, fireworks from DisneyLand could be seen at 8pm. Guess what May ended up playing with the most while we were inside the Disney store?  A fake cellphone that looks like mine, with picture of MM on the cover.  “wo^’ ? go.i ba ! mi ba ! wo^’ ? bye bye.”

After 2 hours of walking around, May said she was hungry and pleaded for food.  We got home a bit after 9pm.  Fed one cranky tired babe, sent her to bed at 10:30, and hopefully she’ll sleep well with many sweet dreams tonight.  All in all, a success.  Pictures will be posted soon.  And videos of May, dancing and clapping just like CC did back in October.


4 Responses to "meek maus"

CC loves to watch mickey mouse now. She can watch the same show over and over again all day long. I get sick of it already! hehe
Oh, her grandma has gotten her that dancing mickey mouse for her birthday. Can’t believe it’s so darn expensive.

ya! so expensive ! SM likes the combination of MM and music, but she’s not patient enough to watch MM.

I didn’t realize you’d be in town! You could’ve come visit Rebecca at the coffee house with us on the 12th! And yes, it was in the 80s all weekend. 🙂

man, i totally wanted to ask you but being in town without a car sucks hee hee

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