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Posted on: December 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 15th
May bit into a raw Thai chilli pepper. Hey, I thought that one time I let her try a dab of fresh chilli pepper was enough to establish baseline for the meaning of “spicy.” But apparently it didn’t register strongly enough. So she took a chilli pepper, and against my warning, bit into it, bit the top clear off. And then, the face scrunched up and she said “cay cay ! cay cay!” (spicy, hot). Her tone was pleading for help, as in, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! So I gave her a piece of sweet candy I had on hand after I asked her to spit out the pepper. May’s eyes were tearing up, poor babe, but she didn’t cry. Once I got a piece of candy deposited, I went for the real cure – sugar. Fed her about 1 tsp of sugar, a bit at a time. Followed by room temp water. Trust me, this is the best cure. Don’t go for water right away. Sugar. I ate a damn Habanero pepper by mistake. I know.

Before 12/15, May used to mix up “chua chua / cay cay ” (sour vs spicy). But now, no more. She can verbally differentiate the two tastes. And, she was fingering some raw garlic slices yesterday when I told her, “it’s spicy, almost like the chilli pepper, want to have a bite?” “NO thanks” she said.

Tonight, at bed time, she told me “cu’ nha(‘m ma(‘t gio^’ng May” (the owl closes his eyes, like May.” That was after “Me. be^’ con” request (Mom, hold me). Quotable quotes.


3 Responses to "noteworthy"

Hôm qua SM ăn nhằm miếng thịt hến hơi cay, cô nàng biết la lên “cay” ….Thấy thương quá 🙂

Chị sent hình rồi đó em, có nhận được cho chị biết hén .

oh thank you chi., sm ma^’y ho^m nay ve^` bi. bi.nh, cha(‘c la^y o^ng no^.i no’, ban nga`y cho+i vui ve? ban dde^m qua^.y tu+ng bu+`ng

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