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monkey sees

Posted on: December 22, 2010

May is testing the waters of tantrum throwing after observing N and K doing it. It’s funny, because she would test it out on me and watches to see how I react. I just laughed, so she wavered😀. She did throw a real one yesterday afternoon because she insisted that I sit up in bed, hold her and nurse her to sleep. As soon as I tried to put her down on bed (still nursing), she would throw a real fit. She actually stood up on the bed and stomp her feet. Finally I flashed her, and she immediately dropped down to the floor and latched😀. No more protest afterward.

She’s also storing food in her cheeks like a chipmunk. N is the king of this, and then K copied N, and now May copies both of them. Dislike!

She’s yelling loudly when she wants something, after just a few days of observing her cousins doing it. She hasn’t begun to snatch things away from each other yet, but that’s because N practically doesn’t snatch anything away from her unless she takes one of his few prized possessions. K occasionally takes things from her, but not everything and not all the time. This reads like a scary report only if you have not seen how toddlers typically handle rookies. When the kids are not trying to defend their territory, it goes something like this:

May and Katie in kitchen corner:
May: vuo^’t Ka-kiie (pet K)
K: ….
May: o^m Ka-kie (hug K)
K: [hugs May]: I have always lllove you May
2 kids embrace.

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haha, i’ve always lllove you, too cute

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