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on the 3rd day of xmas

Posted on: December 28, 2010

Son was supposed to fly out at 8am on Monday morning, nonstop flight, to be picked up from LAX at 11am. Then he got a text message from Southwest telling him that his flight was cancelled due to weather condition on the east coast, so I spent a good hour online and on the phone trying to secure him the earliest ticket out of BWI, which was Wednesday afternoon at that point. Son was so sad to hear the bad news, because he just wanted to be here as soon as work was done.

This morning, somehow May woke up at 9ish instead of her usual 10:30ish. So I stumbled out of bed and went online to check, just in case, there’s a flight out of BWI tonight. There was! So after some waiting on the phone and talking to SW representative, Son’s flight got changed from Wednesday to Monday evening. Within less than 2 hours after he got the news, Son was on his way. I was quite surprised that he would leave the house 5 hours prior to his flight time, but hey, whatever, it’s his time.

Then, just 4 hours before departure time, I got Son on the line again, at loss for words at first. He was so distraught to find out that our car was leaking antifreeze fluid and he had to pull over just 20 miles from home. Between the 2 of us, we got the car driven to an auto mechanic place 1/2 mile up the road. We told them that we knew they are busy, and we just want to leave the car with them, call taxi for Son, and then come back to pick up the car after New Year. The auto repair place took pity on Son and decided to just look at the car to see whether it’s a big problem or a small one. Apparently there was something that needed to be tightened and affixed in place. They only charged Son $15 for the anti freeze fluid that they refilled our car with. And then Son was on his way again.

It was a very good thing that Son’s 8am flight got cancelled, because had he tried to make it, I would have been asleep and not be able to answer Son’s phone calls at 3am in the morning. There would not have been anywhere for him to bring the car to, he would have missed his flight altogether and not be able to get onto another flight to LAX for days…. Having no one to rely on out in York, all I could do in between saying, “here’s what we’ll do, call me back and tell me the results” was pray. It was a miracle and the best present we could have hoped for on Monday night when the door opened and I said to May, “Daddy is HERE! ”

And then, Son stepped in, 30 minutes late due to flight delay, but HE’S HERE. May is beside herself with emotions. She spent the last hour giving Son everything she could get her hands on, including her favorite candies and objects. She doesn’t cling to him, but she likes to be near him and around him. She just runs around laughing and talking. It’s just so wonderful seeing her expressing her emotions in such a positive manner. And they fell asleep holding hands, hee hee,

Oh hey, I just turned 32.


7 Responses to "on the 3rd day of xmas"

Happy Birthday. Hope that we will see Son on Saturday at Tram’s house. We plan to order something from OC and pick it up on our way up, any recommendation???

You look young with your 32 😉

Happy b-day xmas baby 🙂

I thought your birthday is in january?

Happy birthday!!

haha, My birthday will forever muddle people’s brains. I’m a born again.

Chi, Maybe ba’nh u+o+’t from Hu+o+ng Giang? I know An and Tram like those for sure, Chau is into bo^.t, so that’ll work…

Do you have Huong Giang phone number? I need to call them to order. Thanks

Chi: here’s the address and phone #: 14564 Brookhurst Street
Westminster, CA 92683-5750, (714) 531-4930

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