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back in York

Posted on: January 6, 2011

been back as late Tuesday’s night. Scheduled to land before 8pm, actual landing a bit past 9, actual arrival at home time was quarter past 11pm. ARGHHHHHHHH.

I’m getting better, but I hate this last leg of the course. I spent the last 2 nights not sleeping well at all because all the phlegm would get stuck in my throat and drive me CRAZY. At one point I was convinced that some fucking evil boondock clan of the Asian Kungfu drop outs adopted the evil black martial art of manipulating the anti-chi in my body in form of mucous, and got those fuckers lodging themselves at the windpipe to drive me crazy and kill me eventually because I can’t take the goddamn torture any longer. I even told myself that such idea is crazy but immediately fell for it nonetheless. Maybe I did sleep after all but still agonised in my dream?

May has no outward sighs of illness except she too is a victim of the said evil Asian Kungfu drop out turn evil clan. I hear it rattling in her breathing for 3 nights now. I must remember to buy lemons and honey tomorrow to give to her. I think I have drunk too much lemon tea and orange juice on top of sucking on cough drops 24hrs the last 5 days, my mouth now feels weird. Stuffs started to go numb. Probably the acidity of the citrus must have cooked my tongue and cheeks.

We are back to our regularly scheduled programs. Me working my ass off to clean and maintain the house, fatty steals food from us, May wraps herself around my legs while speaking in complete sentences entreating me to hold her. This could be bad. But let’s just note the goods for now:

May: người mẹ nóng nóng. May quạt. (she touched my body and commented on its temperature while nursing to sleep, and then said she’ll fan me, and did, with her hands).


Yesterday’s flight was the real kicker. May was super tired but could not settle down to sleep, so she actually did quite a bit of crying and whining throughout the whole flight. Then, 30 minutes before landing, she finally fell asleep. Before that, she kept on asking to nurse, then I nurse her, she doze off, struggled, whined, refused to nurse until she sat up and was completely awake, then asked to nurse again. Sometimes I couldn’t deal with it anymore, I just handed her over to Son. Other times I let her cry and whine hoping that she’ll get it out of her system, but nope. No luck. I thought she was hungry, tried to feed her. I thought she needed to poop and was hopeful after she did that. But no luck still. Finally I thought, I don’t give a damn anymore, and just let her cry herself awake, then let her sit up, let her look around, latch her back on when she asked to be nursed. After about 3 tries, she fell into deep sleep. Son and I think maybe it’s the cabin pressure? Once we got down to the airport, I knew I had a tired and hungry babe on hand, so I just gave out gummy bears like it’s Christmas. She listened and followed everything I said, and that was what I needed for the night. I couldn’t talk much because of my throat irritation and the coughing fits, so I opted for the gummy bears. I got a pack of them at Berkeley Bowls in October and left them at Helen’s house. This time I took them down south with me, and what luck. These bears are good because they are agave sweetened, so I could put her straight to bed afterward without worrying about the sugar high. Need to find more online…


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