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hours slipping away

Posted on: January 8, 2011

That’s what has been happening to us since we got back. Even with Son around to help, we are barely productive. Sure, I have cleaned, cooked, and Son has watched May and did yard work in addition to shovelling all the snow. Still, the day slips out of our hands too fast, and then soon it’s May’s bed time, and because I have not packed an effort into tiring her out, the night drags on with her frequent waking and light sleep.

I need to get our routine going again. We were in bed by 9pm tonight, me forcing May to skip a nap (we woke up for the day at 2pm after a very fretful night). I’m hoping that this will be good enough to make us wake up at reasonable hours again. I’m hoping 9am. Then we can do nap at 1:30…

Gas in York is 3.15 a gallon. Somewhere, somehow, the greedy bastards got together and drove gas prices way up high last year. Before that, there used to be a good 30-40 cents difference between here and LA. Now, barely. I’m taking gas into account because it’s how May gets tired out – she needs to go to places. Can’t do bike or public transportation here, tried that last year and was a big waste of time and energy. So essentially, expenses has just gone up for us this winter month due to gas prices.

Son’s fellowship funding got denied. So now I really need to form a tight budget plan for the summer. He’ll have to find work, it looks like, and though he might make at least twice the amount he does now, the loan payback will need to be done. He might be a month or two without income, while he get interviewed for job, etc., etc.. Rebecca said some place Son really wanted to go for fellowship will step in at the last minute and offer him something. That’s what she said when I asked where will Son ultimately be. She said a letter, and I thought, wow, that would be awesome if it’s what I think it is. Except for now, I have no idea how it could happen. Does it mean, at the last minute, with nowhere to go, Son will apply for a position at this place and get a job with them? Because their fellowship cycle is all done and over with, and they didn’t even bother to comment on Son’s chances. Will it mean Son will run into someone who has a connection? What about this one woman Son’s mom met on the Amtrak who lives in our area, whom I had spoken to just last week, who entreats me to please call her when I get back so we could have a get together… so much uncertainties…


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