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Posted on: January 11, 2011

Since we got back to York, Son has been helping out tremendously. Anytime I turn around, he’s got something done – dishes, yard work, shovelling, laundry, garbage… The man is making me HAPPY. I, in turn, try to get more stuffs done, not to be out done by him. So we have been pretty productive, I guess. May’s been sleeping like a mad woman since we got back. One day she did 10pm-1pm, had lunch, then napped at 6pm again, and then asked to sleep at 9pm. What’s going on! But it wasn’t quality sleep. It was more like toss and turn around all night, wakeful sleep. Today she finally woke up at a reasonable time (10am), but barely napped for 30 minutes at 2pm, and then she bit me and I had to unlatch her, that was the last of that nap. I thought perhaps she was hungry, so I fed her a full meal, Son played with her, and then at 5pm, she asked to nap, only to have another biting episode and a brief 30 minute cat nap.

Just for the heck of it, we got her to Borders and set her lose for 45 minutes. And then we went to Target very briefly, went home, fed her dinner, and by this time, she was rubbing her eyes like mad (9:45pm). She was energized after her meal, but as soon as I turned off the light, May settled down quickly and has been sleeping soundly since 10:45pm. I was able to sneak downstairs for an hour to cook food for tomorrow, sweep the house, eat late supper, brush my teeth, and now I’m up again and she’s still sleeping!

Back to the man. He has been nothing but sweetness since I got back. I don’t think it’s what you think. I just made a remark 3 days ago, saying how he’s very similar to his dad, in more ways than he probably want to admit. Son agreed. I pointed out that, for example, so much stuffs around her house got done by Son’s mom, including yard work and house maintenance. I said, it’s the only male role model you had growing up, so I don’t blame you. I just think you ought to know. And then, a few hours later, voila, the hedge got trimmed, trash got taken out, dishes got washed…. 🙂 I’m so happy that he finally got my point. I just wanted him do do something around the house. Just look around and figure out what needs to be done, I didn’t have the energy to tell him because I have been hoping all along that one day he’ll get it. Woohoo!

Now if some goddamn fellowship program would throw my poor man a bone. He thought he had a sure thing in MI, but just this weekend, things fell through. It kinda doesn’t make good sense to me. Hospitals pay fellows dirt. Fellows work as a doctor, assuming most responsibilities. Isn’t that a good thing for a cash trapped hospital to have?? Gah.

Oh yeah, snow. We have been getting some. Just about 1.5″ at most, but we might be getting some more tomorrow night. Maybe enough for May to play with. May’s clothes, the stuffs she got from her cousins, don’t really cut a York winter. So after piling on 5-7 layers on her, and topped it off with a thick jacket, I watched her lips quickly turn purple and called uncle. It’s a good thing that May got a Gap gift card for xmas, and I had a $10 reward thingie. Together with their 35% off sale items, I got her 4 pair of fleece pants, 1 thick puff coat (like CC’s) and a pair of gloves. Passed by Macy’s on Sunday and grabbed another puff coat for 20 bucks. I heard that the previous 2 days, they were putting everything on sale like mad, but I didn’t make it to the mall, sighs. Still need to spend another 50 bucks buying a decent oiled filled heater for the bed room, and then I think I’ll call it quit this winter. I’m returning all unused shoes and clothes I got this year, whatever I could get my hands on. Hopefully that will offset recent purchases. Sighssssssss. I hope Son gets a job somewhere somehow in July. The economic uncertainty totally suck.

An yeah, well, back to the snow. Hopefully I can dress May toasty enough on Wednesday. We’ll see.


2 Responses to "snow"

Pha?i May o*? ga^`n cho CC & May ra cho*i snow chung.

Chúc mừng em có S. phụ việc nhà 🙂 ….Khởi đầu năm mới của em quá tốt đó L., chúc em luôn vui vẻ hạnh phúc hoài hoài .

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