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Lancaster’s Hands On House

Posted on: January 12, 2011

This museum is even more sparse than all the other small children’s museum I have been to. Pasadena is up there in terms of compact size, but they have more stuffs. Berkeley is in the basement of the Shattuck building, but they, too, have stuffs. And activities. This one is super bare bones. May had fun there today because it was her first visit, but I can see her growing bore with it after this season. Which works out just fine for me. I bought the membership for its reciprocity program, so as soon as the road condition improves, I’ll take her to the one in Baltimore. The one in Philly and one more up north, I’ll get there too, when we go up north to visit my friend. The most important thing now is, get May out of the house, get her entertained. She ate very well today, and when she got home, actually played by herself for quite a bit of time. I dread hearing her request “mommy pick me up” because it means she’s bored. And this babe is super prone to boredom!

I’m borrowing “Meet the Sight Words” dvd’s for May from the library. Libraries here charge $1 for DVD borrowing, but hey, whatever. This series is actually great, I like watching it. It goes from “meet the shapes” “meet the colors” “meet the letters” “meet the vowels” etc., etc.. and it’s pretty entertaining. I like it. Last week I found whole episodes on Youtube, and I was so thrilled. Then 1 day later, it got a big note saying “RENTAL” and now it only shows the first 2 minutes, 1 of which is the FBI copyright warning. Sighs. Youtube has a rental program now, don’t you know? 3.99 for 72 hours rental. EXPENSIVE!

Over the break, An’s friend loaned me a collection of short stories by Alice Munro, “Too Much Happiness” and I enjoyed it tremendously. She’s a very skilled story teller. I especially like “Fiction.” I also got super desperate and read “The Phantom of the Opera,” which is the novel that preceeded the musical by a century. I liked that book too.

This note is for Son: apparently, BuL-ga-gee is not a Korean inspired dish. It’s spaghetti. That might explain why May went “BUL-GA-GEEEE!!!” last week when you were in front of the dried pasta shelf. Today I bought spaghetti sauce and I said, “look, spaghetti sauce!” May repeated “BUL GA GEE SOGH!” I said, “Babe, can you say SSSS-PA-GHEH-TEE ?” May said “SSS… NOODLES!” That would be my genes.


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