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snow man

Posted on: January 13, 2011

we finally got around to making a snowman, something I have been telling May about since November. He’s now standing in front of our porch, only about 20 inches high, one of his arms fell off, but he’s unmistakably a snowman alright. No waterproof pants for this little girl, so after about 15 minutes in the snow, I had to immediately change her pants before we headed out to Borders.

I just heard on the radio today that Borders is in deep trouble. Sadness. If have have a house and mula, I’d spend it at Borders. We owe them many pleasant hours of running around in the air conditioned building in the summer and warm heated building in the winter. It’s true that the way they set up the store, it’s much more pleasant to loiter in there than at Barnes & Noble. If Borders goes belly up in York, there will only be WALMART to go to late at night. How depressing is that?

Bought May her first order of chicken nuggets today from Chick-a-fill-A. She ate a few nuggets and enjoyed the experience. Doesn’t care for ketchup. I got a few free Buffalo Sauce dips. Their sauce is awesome, so I’m saving these for when we buy fried chicken from our favorite place in town. Sugar snap peas in a bag sold at Costco are GOD AWFUL. Do not buy them. Something about putting these peas into those bags alter their taste for worse. It’s vile. I should have known, I used to work for Ready-Pac and knew how terrible some veggies taste once them are bagged. These bags, called “film”, have perforation that allow for a controlled exchange of air to occur. When packaged, some products get flushed with a fixed amount of oxygen/CO2 to maximize their shelf-life. That’s the science of packaged produce. BEANS do not like to be bagged. They look good but they taste like crap.

On a more positive note, Cara Cara oranges at Costco are very yummy right now, the ones sold in the bag. Strawberries from WishFarm are also delicious. May actually ate strawberries for the first time this week, and she has been eating oranges as well. This is good news, as she used to spit both out for the longest time. She ate tons of fruits last night, and quite a bit tonight.

My newyear resolution is to buy less food, waste none, and eat more healthy. I think Danny’s system is pretty good for my household. I, too, have been cooking many dishes in larger quantity, and eating them daily for the week. May ate extremely well while staying with Chau, I figured I’d adopt their system. She started to store food in her cheeks while at Chau’s house, probably from seeing K and N doing it. But I figure she’d get there sooner or latter with or without role models, so I don’t mind. I just have a clear broth of some soup handy, and if she’s storing food in her cheeks, I give her 3-4 spoonfuls of the soup to help her along. She likes soup, so it helps her remember to chew and swallow. She has gotten much better about chewing/swallowing her food the last 2 days.

Her typical daily food intake runs something like this:
wakes up with a session of nursing.
breakfast: cheerio and milk (once or twice a week, she gets oatmeal with apples and raisins)
snack: 2 animal cookies (or vanilla wafers or unsalted pretzels etc., etc..)
lunch: pasta, steamed broccoli, cheese cut into fun shapes, cooked chicken (about 1 cup of all these combined) and a cup of vegetable soup in meat broth.
after lunch, she nurses to nap
snack: plain yogurt with jam or maple syrup (or banana with cheese, or ice cream hee hee)
dinner: brown rice mixed with stirfried eggplant, green bell pepper, and basil (1 cup) and a cup of vegetable soup in meat broth. 2 wedges of orange and about 2 medium strawberries. (Sometimes if she refuses all fruits offered, I give her 1/4 cup of carrot juice and a vitamin C gummy bear).
After that, it’s nurse to sleep time.

She’s getting better about eating her fruits and vegetables. It wasn’t that she rejected them all before, but I used to have to cook them to mush and chop them up to avoid having them spat out. Now she’s better about eating them whole. I’ve noticed myself that veggies taste much better if you have teeth to chew them and enjoy their textures. Another surprise is, she likes her brown rice, probably because before that, I was feeding her from this terrible bag of jasmine rice from Costco. It’s really dried and tasteless. After eating it for awhile, I switched to cooking the Lundberg Organic Brown Rice that Costco also sells, and May started raving about her “yellow rice.” At first I was confused, but soon I realized she was referring to the brown rice. The stuff tastes much better than the crappy elephant brand jasmine rice. My next trip to the Korean market will be loaded with rice. No more Costco jasmine rice (the ones around here don’t sell short grain rice).

The first 3 days we got back to York, May ate poorly and whined all day long. She also slept a lot and slept poorly as well. Then, she got whatever that was bothering her out of her system, started to fall back into her usual pattern of eating and sleeping, and plays well again. I think all of us were jetlagged. Now I’m getting my acts together and start taking May out daily whenever the weather permits, so she sleeps much more soundly and perhaps has a much better appetite.

Son has pink eye! He now sleeps in the guest room. I hope May doesn’t get it.


3 Responses to "snow man"

Wow..May a(n nhie^`u & healthy.

Ma` sao con tui cu~ng a(n nhie^`u & healthy ma` sao cha?ng le^n pound gi` he^’t.

Nhìn mặt bé M. tròn vo là mún cắn rùi á. May ăn uống được nhiều và khỏe mạnh là mừng nhất rồi há Bòn ui!

Trên đó còn tuyết nhiều dữ hông ???

Tran. metabolism cua cc good vay con muon gi nua, sm is around 22.5 lbs now, thon lam rui muh…

chi DQ, snow co 3-4 inches thoi ha, hom nay ghe qua Childrem’s Place ho sale waterproof pants $5 nen sm co quan choi tuyet roi

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