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3rd playdate with Duke

Posted on: January 16, 2011

2 families met again in Harrisburg on Saturday at State Museum of PA since it’s free admission day. Their kids area is pretty nice, and the 2 kids were well entertained there between 1pm-4pm. There was a break in between when someone pulled the fire alarm, but luckily, Donny found a parking space right outside the entrance, so we simply went into the nice new van and fed the kids lunch.

Duke is super social now and he gives May these big adorable smiles while pointing at her and saying her name. The 2 kids are much more interactive now compared to the first time they met. May remembers Duke from time to time, and went looking for him when they played in different areas. At one point she was saying “Cu Dao o+i” hee hee. I’m so relieved May is now at the age where she loves exploring on her own while keeping an eye on me, that way I can just sit back and take pics or chill. I used to have to play so much with her and get my ass up on tiny play structures to show her how to do things, not anymore now, whew. Duke found a red train and that was pretty much his inseparable pet for the day. He stayed near the train table and was totally into his train. This kid has pretty great concentration power, while mine went from place to place to place, enjoying everything but not passionate about anything in particular. Lots of older kids tried to play with May, and were very nice and gentle with her. I don’t remember older kids trying to approach Duke, probably because he was minding his own business, while May was looking at people more than playing with things.

I don’t think I have mentioned this before, but Donny and Dana are super nice people, so it’s always a pleasure to hang out with them. When I go with May alone, one of them always helps keep an eye on May for me. We are set for another playdate tomorrow at Hands On House in Lancaster. We’ll see how Duke likes this place, as they do not have a train table.

Chi. Oanh (my RedCross lady) sent a box to me today out of the blue. I opened it to find a trove of winter clothes. It made me regret spending the $40 buying warm pants for May, because now she has about 20 pairs! It’s such a big difference between CA hand-me-down and MD hand-me-down. Chi. Oanh sent stuffs that I have been wanting for May so badly: thermal shirts, fleece pants, sweatshirts, sweat pants, lined pants, lined hoodies…. I’m so torn about these great great Gap fleece leggings, which I got for less than $3.50 a piece, but I won’t be needing them anymore and I can’t exchange for larger sizes 😦 I guess I’ll have to return them, sighsssss… They are SO NICE.

Oh, and, after today’s playdate, which May did eat a very decent lunch full of PB&J sandwiches (I think she ate about 1.5 sandwiches, plus cheese, plus broccoli, plus some noodles, plus 2 shrimps), we came home at night and I made some beef balls and pho+?. May got a huge appetite. I merely put the bowl down and went into the kitchen to check on something, I heard May protesting “Me. quay la.i! May a(n pho+? tie^’p, me. ngo^`i xuo^’ng ghe^’, me. ddu’t pho+? cho cooooon!!” LOL. She also said something super hilarious and cute, but now I can’t remember it at all. She ate about 2 cups of pho+?, then she asked for bread because I have been cutting bread with these tiny cookie cutters (bento accessories), then she asked for cheese. Then I fed her some broccoli. Then she ate 3 beef balls. Then she ate some more cheese. When I was making sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch, she asked for some again, but I had to distract and redirect her attention. Oh, and then she went into the kitchen demanding, “Me. mo+? tay ra! May la^’y chocolate a(n!” because sometimes I give her my fist, and she would open it to find a treat. Arghhhhhhh… I really need to keep a pen and paper with me now, May really did say a super hilarious line tonight except I can’t recall it now 😦


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It’s always a pleasure hanging out with you guys. Thanks for the food once again. Dao enjoys eating and playing with May. He now adds “May” to his frequent name-drops: “Bac Tram,” “Eric” and “May.”

May interacts more than Duke even with adults. I had fun playing with her until she wears me out. In contrast, once Duke gets his hands on his favorite train, he’s in his own world. Looking forward to the next get together, which is in a couple of hours.

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