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white night

Posted on: January 18, 2011

when I read “White Night” in California, I imagined but didn’t really fathom the idea of a white night. It’s 3am right now and I can actually read by the light of the window. Everything is blanketed in white, and the sky is white. It’s my 3rd winter here in York, I’m still fascinated by this phenomenon. I wonder how long it’ll be before the wonder wears off. Like seeing just one single track of my own foot steps on the otherwise pristine snow. Like seeing snow flurries. And watching the icicles grow longer in the sun. And shaking the gutter to see tons of ice cubes falling out. And …

I showed May the snow outside tonight, and I said, “let’s go to bed! Tomorrow there will be new snow for us to play in!” Before we lay down, we stood by the window to admire the light outside, and May said, “I want to go to sleep.”

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