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more 20 months highlights

Posted on: January 19, 2011

step 1 to night weaning survived 2nd night. May only cried very briefly for less than 1 minute, and then accepted the fact and took my stories in stride. My stories are meant to bore her to sleep, so after the initial attention grabber to make her listen, the plot quickly dwindles down monotonous chant of everyone going to sleep. The cute thing is, once in a while when I stopped to stifle a cough or to see if she is asleep, May would sleepily chimed in.

me: (in VNese) and the owl fell asleep, next to the tree which fell asleep, the grass on the ground by the trees were asleep, the rabbits in the holes beneath the grass were as sleep…
May:… the sheep were asleep…
me: … night night sheep, and the dogs watching the sheep fell asleep…
me: and co^ An is sleeping, and ba’c Dang is sleeping, and grandma is sleeping…
May: … grandpa is sleeping…
me: grandpa is sleeping very deeply…
etc. etc..

After 20 minutes of chanting, and after May passed out, I found myself wide awake! I hope she will just close her eyes or chant to herself soon to spare me the task.

dress wearing.
If she didn’t care for it before, 15 days with her cousin who put on princess dress every night has certainly sparked May’s interest. Soon after, May said to me “May wears a dress.” She occasionally reminds me to put a dress on her since we got back in York. But she just kind of says it, and then forgets about it the next moment. If I put a dress on her and say she looks cute, she would look down and shyly smile, tug the hem of her dress or point out a detail on the dress, and then moves on.
Last sunday, at the Children’s Museum with Duke, there was a toddler about 3 years old who donned 2 tutus on top of each other, some funky top, and was on the stage dancing like Britney and singing in complete abandon. May looked at her for a while, and then as soon as the girl went off stage to her parents, May tugged some random piece of cloth from the dress up bin, climbed up onto the stage and started to bounce while trying to put the cloth onto herself. It was hilarious to watch. It was very clear that May just wanted to try it out for herself, she didn’t look at me or anyone for approval. After about 2 minutes on the stage, she still couldn’t put the thing on, so she ran to me and said she wanted to wear a dress. I picked some random skirt that was her size, put it on her, and she was satisfied. I showed her the mirror, she briefly glanced at it, then ran off to the grocery store section.

Whenever I asked if she wanted to try something else on instead, she insisted on keeping her skirt. After about 15 minutes, I asked her if it’s ok to take the skirt off and put it back so other friends can wear it. She immediately agreed, and that was that. We have never really brought her into the store, picked out a toy, paid for it, and gave it to May afterward. We have always taken her into stores, let her play with the toys/things, and soon, May has learned to put things back when we move on to a different section. At the museums, stores, people’s houses, it’s fortunate that May doesn’t insist on keeping things, even things she really likes. She has only done it to me once, at RiteAid, where she held on to some random object and refuse to put it back. So I just stood there with her for a looooooooong time, telling her that we can only hold it right there, we can’t leave with it. I waited and then asked her if she wanted to go home and watch youtube with me. She agreed, put the item back, and we left. After that, no more incidents.

Currently she’s practicing the expression “ma`.” I don’t know the technical term for it, but Chinese language has it, and Japanese has their “ne” and “yo” which are in the same category. Ma` is use when the speaker contradict another speaker’s statement or a piece of information presented. So if May says “it’s blue” and she gets it wrong, I correct her by saying “it’s green ma`” Ma` is very gentle and pleading, most often it serves to soften the blow to the ego of the person who said the wrong thing. So, these days, May would say something, and then corrects herself, adding the “ma` ” at the end. Sometimes she sleepily says it out loud to correct something she has just thought of in her head. Tonight, before she fell into deep sleep, she said “cu’ ma`!” (but it’s an owl).

She’s finally enjoying books, provided that I read to her with a circus in tow. No “See spot, see spot runs” for this little girl. It would be more like “see spot, spot is a DOG, WOOF WOOF DOG, look at the spot on his white body! He has 4 legs, 1,2,3,4, and then there’s his tail. His tail is short! It’s also white. His nose is black, same as his eyes, his two eyes, which are below his 2 ears….” etc. etc.. Half of the time May participates in the story telling, so I only have to agree with her and restate the facts. Funky thing is, her books are in English, and I’m reading them to her in VNese translation, so I don’t think she’ll figure out how to read any time soon. Oh well, whatever.

We just went to the library today, and for the first time, she actually pulled books off the shelves and asked me to read them to her. And then she actually paid attention and showed interest. I checked out a bunch for her to read at night while I run around before bedtime finishing up chores.

Yesterday I spent the entire day reorganizing her closet as well as mine. It was a lot of work. A lot of clothes. Then I rearranged the bedroom and hauled her chest up. I had to clean her chest first before I could put her clothes in, etc. etc.. May actually just hung around the whole day, picking up changes from the ground or playing with knick knacks I put aside to be dealt with later.


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